24 Apr 2018 - Ladke Ne Chinki Ko Offer Marne Ke Liye Sher Maara Ladka: "Chalte Chalte Yun Hi Rook Jaata Hoon Main, Baithe Baithe Yun Hi Kho Jaata Hoon Main, Kya
24 Apr 2018 - A Junior In An Office Dialed His Boss Number By Mistake And Said "Send Me A Coffee To My Desk In 2 Minutes" Boss Shouted: "Do You Know Who You A
24 Apr 2018 - Ek Baar Ek Budhiya Mar Gayi, Uski Beti Zor-Zor Se Rone Lagi Aur Boli, Beti: "Amma Kaha Gayi Tu, Jaha Na Dhoop-Na Chaanv, Na Roti-Na Sabzi, Na Bi
24 Apr 2018 - A Married Man's Honest Confession: "I Always Read My Wife's Horoscope To See What Kind Of Day I Am Going To Have."
23 Apr 2018 - Ek Foreigner Ne Ek Punjabi Ladke Se Puchha, Foreigner: "India Mein Sabse Jyada Baraf Kahan Girti Hai?" Punjabi Ladka: "Before 8 PM Kashmir Mein
23 Apr 2018 - Ek Sheikh Ka Beta Apni Girl Friend Ke Saath Ghoom Ke Ghar Aaya To Baap Ne Puchha. Baap: "Kitne Paise Kharch Kiye?" Beta: "50 Rupaye" Baap: "I
23 Apr 2018 - A Boy Was Driving His Car. A Girl On Scooty Came From Behind And Overtook Him. Boy Took Out His head From Car Window & Shouted: "Hey Buffalo
23 Apr 2018 - Man 1: "I Do Not Want To Marry Because I Am Afraid Of All Women" Man 2: "Get Marry Soon Then U'll Be Afraid Of Only One And Start Loving Other"
22 Apr 2018 - A Bar Opened Opposite A Church! The Church Prayed Daily Against The Bar Business Days Later The Bar Was Struck By Lightning & Caught Fire Wh
22 Apr 2018 - Santa Went To Interview For FBI Agent. Interviewer: "Who Killed Abraham Lincoln?" Santa: "Thanks For Giving The Job Sir, I Would Immediately Sta