06 Jul 2015 - Beta Sad Face Bana Kar Ghar Aaya. Beta: "Papa, Main Fail Ho Gaya." Papa: "Beta, Koi Baat Nahi Tumhari Kismat Mein Fail Hona Likha Tha Ho Gaye."
06 Jul 2015 - Classic Insult Of A Girl By A Boy: Once A Boy Uploaded A Photo Holding A Dog On Facebook. Girl Commented: "Which One Is You?" Boy Replied: "T
05 Jul 2015 - A Boy Was Having A Date With His Girl Freind In A Restaurant. Boy Suddenly: "Jaanu Mujhe Na Tumse Kuchh Kahna Tha." Girl Pizza Khate Hue: "Bolo!
05 Jul 2015 - Nobody In The World Can Stop You From Falling In Love. But Two Powerful Weapons Can Do That. Mummy's Chappal & Daddy's Belt Exclusi
04 Jul 2015 - Once Rajnikant Send A Non-Veg Joke To An Innocent And Religious Girl. Today, That Girl Is Known As "Sunny Leone"
04 Jul 2015 - How To Hide Your Important Files From People Without Making Hidden Folders. 1. Go To Desktop And Create A New Folder. 2. Name The Folder Interne
03 Jul 2015 - Whenever In Life You Lose Self Control Just Take A Deep Breath And.. Think About Sunny Leone's Cameraman
03 Jul 2015 - Once An Indian And An American Both Were Friends. They Both Went Into A Chocolate Store. Everybody Is Busy In The Store So American Steal 3 Choc
03 Jul 2015 - Santa Subha Office Ke Liye Tayaar Ho Raha Tha. Santa Apni Wife (Preeto) Ko Bola: "Preeto, Meri Blue Wali Shirt Kahan Hai?" Preeto: "Oh Sorry Ji,
02 Jul 2015 - Santa Went To Interview For FBI Agent. Interviewer: "Who Killed Abraham Lincoln?" Santa: "Thanks For Giving The Job Sir, I Would Immediately Sta