6 Types Of Girls

According To A Research, There Are Basically 6 Types Of Girls.

1. Hard Disk Girls – Remember Everything Forever.

2. Ram Girls – Forgets About You The Moment You Turn Her Off.

3. Screensaver Girls -Just For Looking, Not For Touch.

4. Internet Girls – Easy To Access & Explore.

5. Server Girls – Always Busy When Needed.

6. Virus – These Type Of Girls Are Normally Called Wife, Once Enters In Your System Don’t Leave Till Everything Is Corrupted.

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06 Aug 2021 14 Comments 5,767

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      1. Priya says:

        acha admin ji,fer ki result niklaya mere vaste,m keho jee aa?tusi insult kr rhe o meri.
        @mr.jay que thoda soch k kia kijiye wht to u m kis b type ki hou.

      1. Admin says:

        Abe agar tu isko Priya Singh King samajh raha hai to ye vo nahi hai
        aur vo ek ladka hai jiski pic tune NVJ ke comment mein dekhi thhi

      2. Jay says:

        hmmmmmmm………Tum ne to mujhe bacha liya bhai, Mai to Gobar plant ko Water plant samajh raha thaa…….hehehehe

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