Baba Saxidas Ka Connectivity Logic

Aaj Ki Duniya Ko Dekhte Hue baba Saxidas ne Ek Research Kari Aur Ek Logic Bataya

Mobile Ek Mandir Hai,

Whatsapp Uska Devta,

Group Banane Wala Pujari,

Message Bhejne Wala Dani,

Padhane Wala Bhakt,

Reply Naa Karne Wala Mandir Ka Bhikari.

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07 Dec 2019 No Comment 2,508

SMS Version

Today's Logic - Mobile 1 Mandir He, Watsap Uska Devta, Group Banane Wala Pujari, Mesage Bejne Wala Dani, Pdane Wala Bakt, Reply Na Krne Wala Mandir Ka Bikhari

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