Batao Aisa Kon Hai?

Murgi Anda Deti Hai Aur Bhains Doodh Deti Hai.

Ab Batao Ki Aisa Kon Hai Jo Anda Bhi Deta Hai Aur Doodh Bhi Deta Hai?





Nahi Pata, Chalo Main Bata Deta Hun,


Don’t Clap For Me Please, I Know I Am Genius

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21 Jan 2020 9 Comments 13,992

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Murgi Anda Deti He Or Bhens Dudh Deti He. Ab Btao Ki Esa Kon He Jo Anda Bi Deta He Or Dudh Bhi? . . . . . . . Nhi Pata, Chlo Men Bata Deta Hun, Dukandar.

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