Best & Funny Interview Ever

Officer: “What Is Your Name?”

Candidate: “M.P. Sir.”

Officer: “Tell Me Properly.”

Candidate: “Mohan Pal Sir.”

Officer: “Your Father’s Name?”

Candidate: “M.P. Sir.”

Officer: “What Does That Mean?”

Candidate: “Manmohan Pal Sir.”

Officer: “Your Native Place?”

Candidate: “M.P. Sir.”

Officer: “Is It Madhya Pradesh?”

Candidate: “No, Munnur Pal Sir.”

Officer: “What Is Your Qualification?”

Candidate: “M P. Sir.”

Officer (Angrily): “What Is It?”

Candidate: “Metric Pass Sir.”

Officer: “Why Do You Need A Job?”

Candidate: “M P. Sir.”

Officer: “And What Does That Mean?”

Candidate: “Money Problem Sir.”

Officer: “Describe Your Personality?”

Candidate: “M P. Sir.”

Officer: “Explain Yourself Clearly.”

Candidate: “Mindblowing Personality Sir.”

Officer: “This Discussion Is Now Over, You May Go Now.”

Candidate: “M.P. Sir.”

Officer: “Huh..What Is It Now?”

Candidate: “My Performance Sir.”

Officer: “M.P.”

Candidate: “What Is That Sir?”

Officer: “Mentally Punctured.”

Candidate: “M.P. Sir.”

Officer: “Now What Is Thissss?”

Candidate: “My Pleasure”

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