Best Wife Of The Year

A Man Who Is Driving A Car Is Stopped By A Police Officer.

The Officer: “You Were Going At Least 75 In A 55 Zone

Man: “No Sir, I Was Going 60

Wife: “Oh Johnny, You Were Going 80

Officer: “I’m Also Going To Give You A Ticket For Your Broken Tail Light

Man: “Broken Tail Light? I Didn’t Know About A Broken Tail Light!

Wife: “Oh Johnny, You’ve Known About That Tail Light For Weeks

Officer: “I’m Also Going To Give You A Citation For Not Wearing Your Seat Belt

Man: “Oh, I Just Took It Off When You Were Walking Up To The Car

Wife: “Oh, Johnny, You Never Wear Your Seat Belt

Man Turns To His Wife And Yells: “Shut Your Damn Mouth Bitch

Officer Turns To The Woman And Asks: “Mam, Does Your Husband Talk To You This Way All The Time?

Wife: “No, Only When He’s Drunk

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