19 Aug 2018 - Girl: "Hi, Baby" Boy: "Hi, My Lovely"..........................................> Sending Failed Girl: "Are You There?" Boy: "Yes, Yes I Am
17 Aug 2018 - A Rich Woman Stops On A Traffic Signal And A Begger Come To Her For Begging. Woman Confused: "Arrey, I Have Seen You Somewhere." Beggar: "Madam,
15 Aug 2018 - A Teenage Girl Was Chatting On Facebook. Stranger: "Hey Pretty! Could You Give Me Your Mail Id?" Girl: "Oh Sure, Its IHaveABoyfriend_andiLoveHim
14 Aug 2018 - Questions: "What Is The Difference Between A Man Who Is Buying A Lottery Ticket And A Man Who Is Arguing With His Wife?" Answer: "Lottery Ticket Bu
14 Aug 2018 - According To William Sexfear Every Wife Is A Mistress For Her Husband. Miss For One Hour And . . . . Stress For The Remaining 23 Hours.
13 Aug 2018 - A Woman Went For Fishing, But She Enjoyed Boating & Got Tired. She Sat, Kept Her Things In Side & Started Reading A Book. A Policeman Ca
13 Aug 2018 - William Sexfear Says. Husband And Wife Are Like Two Tyres Of A Vehicle, If one Punctures, The Vehicle Can’t Move Further. So the Moral is:
12 Aug 2018 - Man To Super Hot Air-Hostess: "What Is Your Name?" Air-Hostess: "Eva Benz!" Man: "Wow, Lovely Name, Any Relation With Mercedes Benz?" Air-Hos
11 Aug 2018 - The Best Way To Smuggle Drugs Is To Place Them Up A Dog's Ass. That Way, Even If The Sniffer Dog Suspects Anything, The Officials Will Think It'
10 Aug 2018 - A Girl Is Shouting In Her Bedroom. Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Haaccchhii... She's Suffering From Cold. Chiii Gan