08 Oct 2015 - Question: "Prove That 2/10 = 2" Arts Student: "Out Of Course." Commerce Student: "Wrong Question." Medical Student: "What The Hell, It's Not
04 Oct 2015 - Why American Names Are Like - "Jackson, Wilson, Markson, Robinson, Kenson, Anderson, Davidson, Jemson, Johnson" Because This Is The Easy Way For Mo
02 Oct 2015 - Once Two Persons Were Sitting In A Meeting. 1st Said: "This Meeting Is So Boring Even My Hips Are Sleeping" 2nd Said: "Ya I've Heard Them Snorin
01 Oct 2015 - What Is True Love? When Wife Pulls Her Husband (Who's Fully Drunk) To Bed & Tries Removing His Shirt & Husband Replies: "Lady Leave M
30 Sep 2015 - A Boy’s Eye Is Faster Than Google In Searching A Beautiful Girl In Crowd, But A Boy’s Heart Is Slower Than Governments Bus While Proposing A Gi
27 Sep 2015 - A Woman Is Driving First Time On The Highway. Her Husband Calls & Says: "Be Careful Love, It's Just Been On The Radio That Some One Is Driving
27 Sep 2015 - A Boy Throws A Love Letter To A Girl But It Falls On Her Brother And Her Brother Agrees.
26 Sep 2015 - We Know 10 Facts About You: Fact 1: You Are Reading This. Fact 2: You Can't Say The Letter 'M' Without Touching Your Lips. Fact 3: You Just T
24 Sep 2015 - Daughter: "Sorry Dad, I Got Married Yesterday, I Forgot To Inform You" Dad: "Its Ok My Child, But Don't Forget To Invite Next Time"
23 Sep 2015 - A Boy On Date In BMW Car. Boy: "I Hid Something Form You." Girlfriend: "What?" Boy: "I'm Already Married & Have Two Child." Girlfriend

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