26 Nov 2014 - After Engagement Girl Says To Boy. Girl: "Now Stop Looking At Girls, You Are Committed Now" Boy: "Oh What Do You Mean, If I Am On Diet, That Doe
25 Nov 2014 - Getting Bored? . . . Need Some Fun In Life? Go To A Stranger’s Wedding And Scream ...... Don’t Marry I Still Love You.
25 Nov 2014 - Manager Asked Santa In An Interview. "Can You Spell A Word That Has More Than 100 Letters In It?" Santa Replied: "P-O-S-T-B-O-X."
22 Nov 2014 - Girl: "Which Laptop Do You Have?" Boy: "Dell XPS15, i7 Processor, 2.2 Ghz, LED Display, 4GB Ram, 1TB Hard Disk And 2GB Nvdia Grafics Card And Which
22 Nov 2014 - Four Guys, From Harvard, Yale, MIT And Santa Singh From Punjab University Were To Be Interviewed For A Prestigious Job. One Common Question Was Ask
20 Nov 2014 - Man At Petrol Pump: "Full The Tank Of The Car" Attendant: "Sir, Please Provide Me Your Pan Card No." Man: "What, Why?" Attendant: "Sir, Its A
19 Nov 2014 - Doctor To A Rich Man: "Do You Prefer A Local Anesthesia?" Rich Man: "Nop, I Would Rather Prefer An Imported One"
19 Nov 2014 - Son-In-Law To Father-In-Law: Dear Dad, I Deeply Regret Taking Petrol Car In Dowry, Please Take Your Daughter Or Car Back. Can't Afford Both.
18 Nov 2014 - When My Parents Are Asleep. Me: "Shh They Are Sleeping." When I'm Asleep, Parents: "He Is Sleeping, Lets Vacuum The House For 3 Hours."
17 Nov 2014 - A Teenage Girl Was Chatting On Facebook. Stranger: "Hey Pretty! Could You Give Me Your Mail Id?" Girl: "Oh Sure, Its IHaveABoyfriend_andiLoveHim