26 Jul 2016 - Santa In A Interview. Interviewer: "Imagine, In A Closed Room, How Can You Escape If It Caught Fire?" Santa: "Simple, Stop Imagining"
25 Jul 2016 - Man 1: "I Do Not Want To Marry Because I Am Afraid Of All Women" Man 2: "Get Marry Soon Then U'll Be Afraid Of Only One And Start Loving Other"
24 Jul 2016 - Fact Of Girl And Boy: Every Girl Wants A Bad Boy Who Will Be Good Just For Her, And Every Boy Wants A Good Girl Who Will Be Bad Just For Him.
23 Jul 2016 - A Russian While Visiting India Went For An Eye Check Up. The Dr. Shows The Letters On The Board "CZWXNQSTAZKY" & Asked. Doctor: "Can You Rea
21 Jul 2016 - How Would You Kill A Blue Hathi? Simple, With A Blue Bandook Now How Would You Kill A Laal Hathi? First You Will Give Him Poison, & Then
20 Jul 2016 - Democratic Difrence Betwen USA & India In USA: "You Can Kiss In A Public Place But Can’t Susu." In India: "You Can Susu In Public Place Bu
19 Jul 2016 - There Was A Flood In A Village. One Man Said To Everyone: "I'll Stay! God Will Save Me!" The Flood Got Higher And A Boat Came And The Man In It
19 Jul 2016 - Husband Kills His Unfaithful Wife While Their 5 Year Old Son Was Still Sleeping. The Weird Thing Was That The Kid Didn't Ask For His Mom Even 3 Day
18 Jul 2016 - William Sexfear Says. Husband And Wife Are Like Two Tyres Of A Vehicle, If one Punctures, The Vehicle Can’t Move Further. So the Moral is:
18 Jul 2016 - Nurse To A Patient With Bleeding Head. Nurse: "Your Name?" Patient: "Santa Singh" Nurse: "Your Birth Date?" Santa: "28 Feb 1975" Nurse:

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