21 Apr 2018 - Dad Came Into His Son's Room And Said, Dad: "Son, Give Me Your Mobile For A Minute." Son: "Wait Dad, Let Me Switch It On." Girlfriend Picture
19 Apr 2018 - A Man Finds A Beautiful & Hot Girl In An Airline Uniform At An Airport Cafe Sitting Next To Him. He Thinks To Himself ''She Must Be A Flight At
19 Apr 2018 - Santa Calls The Help Desk To Complain About Computer Problem. Santa: "When I Type Computer Password, It Just Shows Star Star Star Star, What Is Tha
18 Apr 2018 - Wife: "What Would You Do If I Died? Would You Get Married Again?" Husband: "No." Wife: "Why Not? Don't You Like Being Married?" Husband: "Ofcours
17 Apr 2018 - Girl: "Which Laptop Do You Have?" Boy: "Dell XPS15, i7 Processor, 2.2 Ghz, LED Display, 4GB Ram, 1TB Hard Disk And 2GB Nvdia Grafics Card And Which
16 Apr 2018 - Question: "Prove That 2/10 = 2" Arts Student: "Out Of Course." Commerce Student: "Wrong Question." Medical Student: "What The Hell, It's Not
16 Apr 2018 - Husband Is Like A Split AC, No Matter How Loud He Is Outside, But Inside The House, He Is Designed To Remain Silent, Cool & Controlled By
15 Apr 2018 - Six Answers Given By A Girl When She Is Proposed. 1. No, I Don’t Love You. 2. I Need Some Time. 3. I Have Always Seen You As A Friend. 4
13 Apr 2018 - When Someone Touches You & You Dont Feel It, Its "Ignorance" When Someone Touches You & You Feel It, Its "Love" When Nobody Touches You
12 Apr 2018 - There Are Basically 7 Types Of Girls... 1. Hard Disk Girls: Remember Everything Forever. 2. Ram Girls: Forgets About You The Moment You Turn Her