13 Dec 2018 - A Mom Asked Her Elder Kid To Explain Diwali To His Younger Brother. Elder Kid Started: So Look This Dude Had, Like A Big Cool Kingdom And People
13 Dec 2018 - A Married Man's Honest Confession: "I Always Read My Wife's Horoscope To See What Kind Of Day I Am Going To Have."
11 Dec 2018 - Rules Of Success: "Always Consult A Girl Before Doing Any Important Work In Your Life And Do It Exactly Opposite To Her Advice Success Guarante
09 Dec 2018 - A Single Spelling Mistake, That Caused A Divorce. A Man Went to Goa & Sent SMS 2 Wife: "Having The Most Wonderful Time Of My Life Wish You W
08 Dec 2018 - Teacher: "You Failure ! At Your Age Bill Gates Stood First In The Class" Student: "Mind You, Sir, But At Your Age Hitler Committed Suicide"
07 Dec 2018 - 10 Gurumantras For A Good Life By William Sexfear. 1. Money Is Not Everything. There’s Also Master Card & Visa. 2. One Should Love Animals
07 Dec 2018 - Santa And Preeto Are Not Satisfied With Their Marriage Life, So They Decided To Divorce. Judge Ask Too Many Question To Santa But At Last Judge:
07 Dec 2018 - One Day A Man Was Driving Fast, And He Got Pulled Over By A Police Officer. Officer: "What's Your Excuse For Going Over The Speed Limit?" Man In
04 Dec 2018 - Heart Touching Lines By A Chain Smoker: I Trust On Cigarettes More Than Girls, Because, I Am Ready To Damage My Lungs But Not My Heart.
04 Dec 2018 - Daughter: "Sorry Dad, I Got Married Yesterday, I Forgot To Inform You" Dad: "Its Ok My Child, But Don't Forget To Invite Next Time"