29 Mar 2017 - A Man Finds A Beautiful & Hot Girl In An Airline Uniform At An Airport Cafe Sitting Next To Him. He Thinks To Himself ''She Must Be A Flight At
26 Mar 2017 - A Boy Is Trying To Persuade His Girlfriend. Boyfriend: "Baby, Are You Jealous?" Girlfriend: "Nope." Boyfriend: "Are You Sure You Are Not Jealou
24 Mar 2017 - There Was A Flood In A Village. One Man Said To Everyone: "I'll Stay! God Will Save Me!" The Flood Got Higher And A Boat Came And The Man In It
23 Mar 2017 - What Is The Great Example Of Mixed Emotions Your Greatest Enemy Falls From 8th Floor, On Your Brand New Car And You Don't Know Whether To Laugh
22 Mar 2017 - Choosing Career Is Like Choosing A Wife From 10 Girls. Even If You Pick The Most Beautiful And Intelligent Woman, There's Still Pain Of Losing T
22 Mar 2017 - Once Santa's Wife (Preeto) Was Driving When She Saw The Flash Of A Traffic Camera. Preeto Figured That Her Picture Had Been Taken For Exceeding The
21 Mar 2017 - Heights Of Insult By A Grammar Freak Girl. Girl To Boy: "You Are As Useless As Ay In Okay"
18 Mar 2017 - Getting Bored? . . . Need Some Fun In Life? Go To A Stranger’s Wedding And Scream ...... Don’t Marry I Still Love You.
18 Mar 2017 - People Usually Say There Is No Difference Between Complete & Finish. But There Is When You Marry The Right One, You Are Complete. And Whe
15 Mar 2017 - Definition Of Home "Home Is The Place Where U Can Scratch Exactly Where It Itches"