18 Feb 2018 - Dear Beautiful Girls, Please Don't Wear T-Shirts With Long Quotes. It Gives Our Wrong Image Whenever We Try Reading It. Sincerely, Honest Boy
17 Feb 2018 - Just Remember This Little Formula If Your Birthday Is Around November 14th You Were A Valentine"s Day Present!
16 Feb 2018 - Teacher: How Do You Differentiate "Wife" & "Mother"? Santa: Before Marriage We Sleep With "Mother" & After Marriage We Sleep With Our "Wife
16 Feb 2018 - Girl To Other Girl: "You Are So Beautiful" Other Girl: "Thank You Are Beautiful Too" Now Boy To Another Boy: "Hi, You Are Handsome" Other
15 Feb 2018 - American Movies Teach Us: 1. Chinese Have Nothing Better To Do Than Teaching Or Practice Kung Fu. 2. More Than 50% Of U.S. Population Are F.B.I/c.
14 Feb 2018 - It Was Happening In A Hospital That ICU Patients Died In Same Bed Every Sunday At 11 Am. Dr. Thought, It Is Something Super Natural Worldwide Xp
12 Feb 2018 - After An Accident: Driver Angrily: "I Showed You The Headlights And Told You To Let Me Go First" Santa: "I Also Started The Wipers And Said No.
12 Feb 2018 - Most Insulting Lines Said To Google: "Dear Google, Can You Just Allow Me To Write My Sentence Before You Start Guessing"
11 Feb 2018 - There Was A Party & The Host Was Getting Worried Because There Were Too Many People And Not Enough Refreshments. Host Wasn't Sure If All Of
09 Feb 2018 - Once Two Persons Were Sitting In A Meeting. 1st Said: "This Meeting Is So Boring Even My Hips Are Sleeping" 2nd Said: "Ya I've Heard Them Snorin