28 Sep 2022 - Yesterdays Breaking News: "42 Year Aunty Was Raped By A 22 Year Boy In Jogging Park" Today's News: "Park Is Full Of Aunties"
28 Sep 2022 - O Lord, Please Bless Me And Give Me Coffee In The Morning To Change The Things That I Can. And Whiskey In The Evening To Accept The Things That
27 Sep 2022 - A Woman Returned Home On Evening And Asked Her New Maid, Woman: "Did You Clean Out The Refrigerator As I Told You?" Maid: "Yes, Mam, And Everyth
25 Sep 2022 - A Love Couple Sitting In The Park, Boy Tries To Kiss The Girl. Girl: "No Dear, Not All This Before Marriage" Boy: "Don't Worry Darling, I Am Alr
25 Sep 2022 - An Engineer Having No Child, No Money, No Home, Blind Mother, Prays To God. God Says He Will Grant Him One Wish! Engineer: "I Want My Mother To
24 Sep 2022 - The Guy Is On His Final Question For 5 Crore On KBC, And Has One Lifeline Left 'Phone A Friend' The Question Was "Which Bird Does Not Make A Nes
24 Sep 2022 - 1. Can You Cry Under Water? 2. Why Is It Called Building When It Is Already Built? 3. Why Don't Birds Fall Of Trees When They Sleep? 4. If Mo
24 Sep 2022 - Before Exam Boy To His Girl-Friend Boy: "Hey, All The Best" Girl-Friend: "All The Best To You Too" But Girl Scored 80 Marks And Boy Failed.
24 Sep 2022 - Girl: "Hi, Baby" Boy: "Hi, My Lovely"..........................................> Sending Failed Girl: "Are You There?" Boy: "Yes, Yes I Am
23 Sep 2022 - A Little Boy Says To Girl "I Love U"? But She Says She Likes Someone Else, The Little Boy Looks Down In Sad Mood, And After Few Seconds Looks