13 Apr 2024 - A Man Finds A Beautiful & Hot Girl In An Airline Uniform At An Airport Cafe Sitting Next To Him. He Thinks To Himself ''She Must Be A Flight At
12 Apr 2024 - Alcohol Is The Really A Worst Thing In The World A Friend Drank A Lot Last Night And Ended Up Saying "I Love You" To His Own Wife Can You Ima
11 Apr 2024 - William Sexfear's One Good Way To Reduce Alcohol Consumption Before Marriage - Drink Whenever You Are Sad After Marriage - Drink Whenever You Ar
11 Apr 2024 - Boss Calls His Employee In His Office. Boss: "Do You Believe In Life After Death?" Employee: "Certainly Not, There Is No Proof Of It." Boss:
09 Apr 2024 - Principal Of A Small Middle School Had A Problem With A Few Of The Older Girls Starting To Use Lipstick. When Applying It In The Bathroom They Woul
09 Apr 2024 - Little Johnny Was Being Questioned By The Teacher During An Arithmetic Lesson. Teacher Said: "If You Had Ten Dollars, And I Asked You For A Loan Of
08 Apr 2024 - Dosto Aaye Dekhe Haryana Mein Teachers English Language Ki Kaise Maa Behen Ek Karte Hain. 1. Don't Talk In Front Of My Back. 2. Both Of You Thre
07 Apr 2024 - Teacher: "If I Gave You 2 Cats, And Another 2 Cats And Another 2, How Many Will You Have?" Pappu: "Seven Sir" Teacher: "No, Listen Carefully. If
06 Apr 2024 - Boy Friend: "Babe, What Are You Doing?" Girl Friend: "Nothing, Tired Just Going To Sleep Now Honey, What About You Sweetheart?" Boy Friend: "In
04 Apr 2024 - On Dinner Time Wife Asks Husband. Wife: "Do You Want Dinner?" Husband: "Yeah, What Are My Choices?" Wife: "Yes And No."