26 May 2015 - A Girl Went To His Father To Introduce Pappu To Get Married With Him Father With Aggression: "So You Want To Marry My Daughter,What Do You Do For A
25 May 2015 - Question: "What Will Be The Add For Petrol In Year 2020" Answer: "Buy 10 Litre Petrol And Get 1 Tata Nano Free"
24 May 2015 - A Man Who Is Driving A Car Is Stopped By A Police Officer. The Officer: "You Were Going At Least 75 In A 55 Zone" Man: "No Sir, I Was Going 60"
23 May 2015 - Boy Was Driving To Lonavala With His Girlfriend. He Kept His Hand On Her Knee, She Smiled & Said "You Can Go Further" He Went To Pune.
22 May 2015 - MBA Student Vs. BE Student. A MBA And A BE Student Go On A Camping Trip, Set Up Their Tent, And Fell Asleep. Some Hours Later, The BE Wakes His
22 May 2015 - Husband: "Honey, I Have A Problem At Work" Wife: "Not "I" But "We", We Are Now One, Your Problem Is My Problem" Husband: "Ok Sweetie, Our Secret
17 May 2015 - Rabbits Jump And They Live For 8 Years. Dogs Run And They Live For 15 Years. Turtles Do Nothing And They Live For 150 Years. "Today's Lesson
17 May 2015 - Teacher: "Who Created The Earth?" (Boy Pokes A Girl's Back With A Pen) Girl: "Oh God!" Teacher: "Good Girl. Correct Answer" Teacher Again
16 May 2015 - Two Rules Of A Man’s Life: 1. They Never Flirt With Any Unknown Lady. 2. They Never Consider Any Lady Unknown. Two Rules Of A Women's Life:
15 May 2015 - A Soldier Rushes To His Captain & Says: "One Enemy Ship Is Approaching Us" Captain Replies "David, Go Bring My Red Shirt" Soldier Gets Shirt