17 Oct 2018 - William Sexfear Says. Husband And Wife Are Like Two Tyres Of A Vehicle, If one Punctures, The Vehicle Can’t Move Further. So the Moral is:
14 Oct 2018 - Girls Only Know Two Thing Perfectly, 1. Make Up. . . . . . . . . . . 2. Break Up.
12 Oct 2018 - Grand Son: "What Is The Secret Of Happy And Satisfied Married Life?" Grand Father: "My Dear, It Is Still A Secret"
12 Oct 2018 - Girl To Mom: "Mom I Have Started Loving A Boy" Mom: "What? How Old Is He? What Does He Do?" Girl: "He Is 3 Months Old, Happily Kicking In My Sto
12 Oct 2018 - Girl To Other Girl: "You Are So Beautiful" Other Girl: "Thank You Are Beautiful Too" Now Boy To Another Boy: "Hi, You Are Handsome" Other
10 Oct 2018 - Two Hunters Are Out In The Woods When One Of Them Collapses. He Doesn’t Seem To Be Breathing And His Eyes Are Glazed. The Other Man Pulls Out
09 Oct 2018 - One Day A Girls College Was Told They Had To Write A Short Essay In One Sentence. The Short Essay Had To Contain The Following Three Things: 1.
07 Oct 2018 - Two Rules Of A Man’s Life: 1. They Never Flirt With Any Unknown Lady. 2. They Never Consider Any Lady Unknown. Two Rules Of A Women's Life:
06 Oct 2018 - An Unmarried Man Wrote His Status On Facebook As: "Wanted Wife" Two Girls Like It. . . . And 10,000 Men Commented: "Please Take Ours"
05 Oct 2018 - Once Upon A Time, Every Man Wanted His Wife To Look Like Aishwarya, And Now, . . . Aishwarya Has Started Looking Like Every Man's Wife.