31 Jul 2014 - At PVR "One Chicken Burger Please....." "Sir, Do You Want Me To Vomit?..." "What ?" "Shall I Vomit Sir?" (30 Seconds Of Looooong Pause.
31 Jul 2014 - How To Teach A Girl Dance In Just 5 Sec? Simple The Best Answer Given By Pappu Throw A Cockroach On Her.
30 Jul 2014 - Jet Airways Launched A Scheme Where A Husband Can Take His Wife Free On Their Business Trip. After Big Success Of The Scheme. Jet Airways Sent L
30 Jul 2014 - Do You Know That? 99.9% Girls Fail To Give The Answer Of This Question. And Now Its Your Turn . . . . . . Whats Your Cell Number ?
29 Jul 2014 - Heart Touching Lines By A Chain Smoker: I Trust On Cigarettes More Than Girls, Because, I Am Ready To Damage My Lungs But Not My Heart.
29 Jul 2014 - A Man Had Just Boarded And Settled Into His Seat Next To The Window On The Plane, When Another Man Sat Down In The Aisle Seat And Put His Black Lab
28 Jul 2014 - Two Cockroaches Were Admitted In The I.C.U. First Cockroach: "Did Someone Beat You Badly?" Second Cockroach: "No Brother, A Beautiful Girl Saw M
28 Jul 2014 - Always Order Soup 1 By 2. That Way You Get More If You Had Ordered 1 Soup With An Extra Bowl. When Ordering Sugar Cane Juice, First Insist On No Ic
28 Jul 2014 - Men Are Like Bluetooth... Always Connected When Wife Is Around... The Moment Wife Is Away... They Automatically Starts Searching For New Devi
28 Jul 2014 - This Is A Quote From Baba Saxidas Book Titled, How To Live Longer Never Reject Any Girl In Your Life, B'coz A Gud Girl Gives You Hapiness, An