21 Nov 2017 - When Your Life Is In Darkness, Pray God And Ask Him To Free You From Darkness. Even After You Pray, If Your Still In Darkness, Please Pay The
21 Nov 2017 - Santa's Complaint To Flipkart Support Center: Dear Flipkart, I Always Opt For "Cash On Delivery" But Your Delivery Boy Never Gives Me The Cash!
20 Nov 2017 - Define A True Music Lover? A Girl Singing In The Bathroom While Taking The Bath, And Boy Near Keyhole Is Using His Ear Not Eyes.
20 Nov 2017 - Once Upon A Time, Every Man Wanted His Wife To Look Like Aishwarya, And Now, . . . Aishwarya Has Started Looking Like Every Man's Wife.
17 Nov 2017 - Dharam Bhai Means Not "Real Brother" Dharam Pita Means Not "Real Father" Dharam Behen Means Not "Real Sister" Then Why Dharam Patni Means "Re
16 Nov 2017 - A Rich Woman Stops On A Traffic Signal And A Begger Come To Her For Begging. Woman Confused: "Arrey, I Have Seen You Somewhere." Beggar: "Madam,
14 Nov 2017 - There Are Three Kinds Of Men In The World. Some Remain Single & Make Wonders Happen, Some Have Girlfriends & See Wonders Happen, The
14 Nov 2017 - Teacher: "Who Created The Earth?" (Boy Pokes A Girl's Back With A Pen) Girl: "Oh God!" Teacher: "Good Girl. Correct Answer" Teacher Again
12 Nov 2017 - Santa Traveling First Time In Plane Going To Bombay, While Landing, He Shouted: "Bombay-Bombay" Air Hostess: "B-Silent Please" Santa Said: "O
10 Nov 2017 - Teacher: "What Should Be In A Book To Make It A Bestseller?" Pappu: "A Girl On The Cover & No Cover On The Girl"