24 Oct 2014 - How Do Girls Start Chatting With Each Other On Facebook? Girl1: "Hey Cutie Mutie... Muuaaaahh" Girl2: "Hii Darlzz... My Sweety... Muuaaahh Muuaa
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20 Oct 2014 - Studying Has 2 Types: Hard Subjects Which Cannot Be Studied. Easy Subject That Doesn't Need To Be Studied.
18 Oct 2014 - Doctor: "I Regret To Tell You That You Have A Brain Tumor" Santa (Jumps In Joy): "Yesss" Doctor: "Did You Understand What I Just Told You?" S
17 Oct 2014 - Question: "Why Do Indian Married Women Have That Red Dot On Their Forehead?" Answer: "Because They’re Recording Everything"
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