23 Jul 2024 - Question: "What Is Will Power?" Solid Answer: "It’s When You See 10 Notification, 20 Msgs & 30 Friend Reqeusts, And Still You Click . . . . .
22 Jul 2024 - Daughter: "Sorry Dad, I Got Married Yesterday, I Forgot To Inform You" Dad: "Its Ok My Child, But Don't Forget To Invite Next Time"
18 Jul 2024 - A Japanese Came To India. He Took An Auto To Go To The Airport On The Way A Honda Overtakes Japanese: "Honda Made In Japan......... Very Fast" N
18 Jul 2024 - Awesome Message Which Carries A Lot Of Meaning & Attitude Friend: "Dude She Has A Boyfriend." Another Friend: "So What? Just Because Soccer
16 Jul 2024 - Public Toilet Mein Baithe Aadmi Ko Saath Wale Toilet Se Ek Aawaz Aayi, Aawaz: "Kya Haal Hai Yaar?" Aadmi Ghabra Ke Bola: "Fine, Theek Hoon" F
11 Jul 2024 - 1. Can You Cry Under Water? 2. Why Is It Called Building When It Is Already Built? 3. Why Don't Birds Fall Of Trees When They Sleep? 4. If Mo
11 Jul 2024 - Santa Singh Call Obama: "I Want To Be The President Of America" Obama: "Are You Stupid?" Santa Singh: "Is It Necessary?"
11 Jul 2024 - A Bar Opened Opposite A Church! The Church Prayed Daily Against The Bar Business Days Later The Bar Was Struck By Lightning & Caught Fire Wh
10 Jul 2024 - Principal Of A Small Middle School Had A Problem With A Few Of The Older Girls Starting To Use Lipstick. When Applying It In The Bathroom They Woul
08 Jul 2024 - A Little Boy Says To Girl "I Love U"? But She Says She Likes Someone Else, The Little Boy Looks Down In Sad Mood, And After Few Seconds Looks