16 Sep 2014 - Idea Presents Mega Offer, Idea To Idea, Idea To Airtel, Idea To Bsnl Completely Free . . . . . For Missed Calls Only. What N Idea ? Sir Ji
12 Sep 2014 - The Blue Whale Ejaculates Over 40 Gallons Of Sperm When Mating. Only 10% Enters The Female And You Always Wondered Why The Sea Tasted Salty?
12 Sep 2014 - Teacher: "If I Gave You 2 Cats, And Another 2 Cats And Another 2, How Many Will You Have?" Pappu: "Seven Sir" Teacher: "No, Listen Carefully. If
11 Sep 2014 - Dada Kondke Made A Movie "Roz Meri Maarlo" Censor Board Objected. Dada Told Censor Board, "Ye 3 Ladkiyo Ki Kahani Hai... Rose, Mary & Maa
10 Sep 2014 - A Telugu Guy Calls Her Girl Friend For A Dinner Treat Guy: "Do You Want To Go Out For Dinner" Girl Happily: "Yeah Sure." Guy: "So Eight O'clo
08 Sep 2014 - After An Emotional Hug Girl Said To The Boy, Girl: "If You Hug Me Once More Like That, I Will Be Yours Forever" Boy: "Thanks For The Warning"
02 Sep 2014 - Question: "What Is Will Power?" Solid Answer: "It’s When You See 10 Notification, 20 Msgs & 30 Friend Reqeusts, And Still You Click . . . . .
31 Aug 2014 - Girl To Other Girl: "You Are So Beautiful" Other Girl: "Thank You Are Beautiful Too" Now Boy To Another Boy: "Hi, You Are Handsome" Other
31 Aug 2014 - Once Upon A Time, Every Man Wanted His Wife To Look Like Aishwarya, And Now, . . . Aishwarya Has Started Looking Like Every Man's Wife.
29 Aug 2014 - What Is The Height Of Customer Care? Swiss Banks To Open An ATM In Tihar Jail.