25 May 2022 - A Mom Asked Her Elder Kid To Explain Diwali To His Younger Brother. Elder Kid Started: So Look This Dude Had, Like A Big Cool Kingdom And People
24 May 2022 - Understanding A Girl This Is Like Downloading A 4GB File. At The Speed Of 2kbps. Which Ends Up.. In A Error At 99% Completed...
22 May 2022 - Do You Know That? 99.9% Girls Fail To Give The Answer Of This Question. And Now Its Your Turn . . . . . . Whats Your Cell Number ?
22 May 2022 - One Day A Police Man Caught Santa At Traffic Signal In Order To Jump Red Light. Police Man: "Where Do You Live?" Santa: "Sir, I Live With My Par
19 May 2022 - Girl Friend: "My Heart Is Like A Mobile And You Are The SIM Card" Boy Friend: "I'm Very Happy" Girl Friend: "Don't Be Too Happy, If I Get A New
17 May 2022 - Universal Truth: Help A Girl When She Is In Trouble, And She Will Surely Remember You, Only When... She Is Again In Trouble.
16 May 2022 - A Married Couple Is Driving Down The Highway Doing 80km/h. The Husband Is Behind The Wheel. His Wife Looks Over At Him And Says: "Honey, I Know We'
15 May 2022 - I Am An Indian But These Make Me More. When The Shampoo Bottle Seems To Be Over, I Pour Some Water In It, Shake It, And Use It For Another Bath.
12 May 2022 - Dada Kondke Made A Movie "Roz Meri Maarlo" Censor Board Objected. Dada Told Censor Board, "Ye 3 Ladkiyo Ki Kahani Hai... Rose, Mary & Maa
12 May 2022 - Son-In-Law To Father-In-Law: Dear Dad, I Deeply Regret Taking Petrol Car In Dowry, Please Take Your Daughter Or Car Back. Can't Afford Both.