02 Aug 2015 - Researchers Now Believe That Raavan Cannot Be Evil, One Who Takes Away Your Wife Can Only Be An Angel.
01 Aug 2015 - Written On A Public Toilet Door. "The Person Coming In Next Is Not Interested In Knowing What You Had For Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast Etc, So, Plea
01 Aug 2015 - A Russian While Visiting India Went For An Eye Check Up. The Dr. Shows The Letters On The Board "CZWXNQSTAZKY" & Asked. Doctor: "Can You Rea
31 Jul 2015 - A Man And His Family Doctor Accidentally Meets In The Market. Doctor: "How Is Your Headache Now?" Patient: "Ohh, She Is Out Of Town."
31 Jul 2015 - Girlfriend And Boyfriend Doing Love Chat In Park. Girlfriend: "How Much Do You Love Me?" Boyfriend: "I'd Take Bullet For You." Girlfriend: "A
29 Jul 2015 - The Conversation Between Girlfriend And Boyfriend On Phone. Girlfriend: "Baby, I Am In A Big Trouble." Boyfriend: "Why Is That?" Girlfriend: "I
29 Jul 2015 - A Sleeping Beggar Puts A Notice Board In Front Of Him, "Please Do Not Make Noise By Dropping Coins, Use Currency Notes Only" Salute Him
29 Jul 2015 - A Girl Messages In Whatsapp Group Girl: "Guys, If I Install Windows 7 Of 32 Bit Two Times, Then Will It Become 64 Bit?" Other Girl In Group Repl
28 Jul 2015 - Father Was Telling The Definition Success To His Son. Father: "Son, Success Is When Your Signature Turns Into An Autograph." Son: "No Dad, Succe
28 Jul 2015 - An Economist Beautifully Explained Reasons For Having Two Wives. 1. Monopoly Should Be Broken. 2 Competition Improves The Quality Of Service.