05 Aug 2020 - Dear Monsoon, Please Don't Be So Romantic. We Do Not Have Sexy Girlfriends Who Will Wear Chiffon Sarees And Dance In The Rains. We Only Have
02 Aug 2020 - A Cool Message From Wife. Dear Mother-In-Law, Don’t Teach Me How To Handle My Children. I Am Living With One Of Yours And He Really Needs A
31 Jul 2020 - Girlfriend Apne Boyfriend Se Phone Par Baat Kar Rahi Thi. Girlfriend: "I Love You So Much, I Will Always Keep You In My Heart." Boyfriend: "Plea
30 Jul 2020 - Researchers Now Believe That Raavan Cannot Be Evil, One Who Takes Away Your Wife Can Only Be An Angel.
29 Jul 2020 - A Father Passing By His Teenage Daughter's Bedroom Was Astonished To See The Bed Was Nicely Made And Everything Was Neat And Tidy. Then He Saw An E
27 Jul 2020 - Universal Truth: Help A Girl When She Is In Trouble, And She Will Surely Remember You, Only When... She Is Again In Trouble.
26 Jul 2020 - A Boy Throws A Love Letter To A Girl But It Falls On Her Brother And Her Brother Agrees.
23 Jul 2020 - One Day A Girls College Was Told They Had To Write A Short Essay In One Sentence. The Short Essay Had To Contain The Following Three Things: 1.
22 Jul 2020 - When A Women Says What? Its Not Because She Didn't Hear You. She's Given You A Chance To Change What You Said.
22 Jul 2020 - A Married Couple Is Driving Down The Highway Doing 80km/h. The Husband Is Behind The Wheel. His Wife Looks Over At Him And Says: "Honey, I Know We'