26 May 2016 - Santa Wrote Bill Gates About PC & Windows Problems. 1 My Child Learned MS Word Now He Wants MS Sentence. 2 There Is Only Re-Cycle But No Re-
26 May 2016 - All Girls Are Beautiful After The Light Are Switched Off........... By Shakespeare. All Boys Are Innocent Before The Light Are Switched Off........
24 May 2016 - Question: "When Do You Congratulate Someone For Their Mistake." Answer: "On Their Marriage."
24 May 2016 - Why Government Do Not Allow A Man To Marry Two Women. Because Per Constitution, You Can Not Be Punished Twice For The Same Mistake.
22 May 2016 - A Russian While Visiting India Went For An Eye Check Up. The Dr. Shows The Letters On The Board "CZWXNQSTAZKY" & Asked. Doctor: "Can You Read T
15 May 2016 - Hindu Gods.... Brahma: "System installer" Vishnu: "System operator" Shiva: "System programmer" Narad: "Data Transmitter" Yama: "Deleter
15 May 2016 - Santa Was Spending Some Of His Hard-Earned Cash On A Luxury Cruise And Was Given A Table With A Frenchman. At Their First Meal Together, The French
15 May 2016 - Whatsapp Creators Are Damn Imaginative. They Have Made Sure That Ladies Chat And There's No Noise Also!
15 May 2016 - Teacher: How Do You Differentiate "Wife" & "Mother"? Santa: Before Marriage We Sleep With "Mother" & After Marriage We Sleep With Our "Wife
14 May 2016 - A Single Spelling Mistake, That Caused A Divorce. A Man Went to Goa & Sent SMS 2 Wife: "Having The Most Wonderful Time Of My Life Wish You W