19 Jul 2017 - Baba Saxidas Quote on Men Long Time Ago, Men Who Sacrificed There Love, Youth, Parents, Identity, Laughter & There Hapines Were Called Saints!
18 Jul 2017 - Girlfriend And Boyfriend Doing Love Chat In Park. Girlfriend: "How Much Do You Love Me?" Boyfriend: "I'd Take Bullet For You." Girlfriend: "A
17 Jul 2017 - A New Born Baby Ask To Nurse: "Can I Use Your Mobile Phone?" Nurse: "Why?" Baby: "Actually I Want To Tell The God I Am Land Safely To The Earth,
17 Jul 2017 - An Engineer Having No Child, No Money, No Home, Blind Mother, Prays To God. God Says He Will Grant Him One Wish! Engineer: "I Want My Mother To
16 Jul 2017 - An Apple A Day Is Almost A Thousand Rupees A Month. Visiting A Doctor Is Cheaper...!! Be Practical...!!
15 Jul 2017 - Girl Friend: "My Heart Is Like A Mobile And You Are The SIM Card" Boy Friend: "I'm Very Happy" Girl Friend: "Don't Be Too Happy, If I Get A New
13 Jul 2017 - Breaking News... Vidya Balan Blouse Is Nominated For . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Best Supporting Role.
12 Jul 2017 - After An Accident: Driver Angrily: "I Showed You The Headlights And Told You To Let Me Go First" Santa: "I Also Started The Wipers And Said No.
11 Jul 2017 - What Is The Relation Ship Is Between Cafes And Bars? Simple Most Of The Love Stories Start At Cafes And End At Bars
10 Jul 2017 - One Man Was Lost In An Island. One Day He Decided To Build A Wooden Boat, Suddenly A Girl Came & Man Used The Wood In Making Bed. Moral: