24 Aug 2015 - Once Ram, Laxman & Sita Were Travelling In A Mercedes. Suddenly The Petrol Got Over. Ram & Laxman Went To Bring Petrol From The Nearest
23 Aug 2015 - Santa Writing His Medical Entrance Exam Gives Definitions As Follows: Antibody - Against Everybody Artery - Study Of Fine Arts. Bacteria - Ba
18 Aug 2015 - William Sexfear Says. Husband And Wife Are Like Two Tyres Of A Vehicle, If one Punctures, The Vehicle Can’t Move Further. So the Moral is:
16 Aug 2015 - A Woman Got On A Bus Holding A Baby. The Bus Driver Said: "Ughhh! That's The Ugliest Baby I've Ever Seen." The Woman Goes To The Rear Of The Bus
16 Aug 2015 - Yesterdays Breaking News: "42 Year Aunty Was Raped By A 22 Year Boy In Jogging Park" Today's News: "Park Is Full Of Aunties"
14 Aug 2015 - When Someone Touches You & You Dont Feel It, Its "Ignorance" When Someone Touches You & You Feel It, Its "Love" When Nobody Touches You
11 Aug 2015 - When Your Life Is In Darkness, Pray God And Ask Him To Free You From Darkness. Even After You Pray, If Your Still In Darkness, Please Pay The
11 Aug 2015 - A Mature Lady Gets Pulled Over For Speeding Lady: "Is There A Problem, Officer?" Traffic Cop: "Yes Mam, I’m Afraid You Were Speeding." Lady
10 Aug 2015 - Angrez Hindi Mein Darwaza Kholne Ko Kaise Kahega? Nahi Pata? Ok, Main Batata Hoon. There Was A Cold Day. Isko Tez-Tez Padho Khud Samajh
08 Aug 2015 - One Man Coming In Bar. Man: "One Vodka Price" Bar Man: "Rs. 5/- Sir" Man: "What Only Rs. 5/-? Can I Also Have One Plate Kebabs Please?" Ba