22 Feb 2017 - Man To Super Hot Air-Hostess: "What Is Your Name?" Air-Hostess: "Eva Benz!" Man: "Wow, Lovely Name, Any Relation With Mercedes Benz?" Air-Hos
20 Feb 2017 - Dear Beautiful Girls, Please Don't Wear T-Shirts With Long Quotes. It Gives Our Wrong Image Whenever We Try Reading It. Sincerely, Honest Boy
19 Feb 2017 - My Brave Childhood History. I Kicked Lion's Face, I Pulled Tiger's Tail, I Broke Cheeta's Leg, I Threw Elephants, Then The Toy Shop Own
18 Feb 2017 - Santa Was Spending Some Of His Hard-Earned Cash On A Luxury Cruise And Was Given A Table With A Frenchman. At Their First Meal Together, The French
15 Feb 2017 - Pappu's Atittude In Exams. They Give Me Questions Which I Don't Know. So.................. I Give Them Answers Which They Don't Know. Why?
13 Feb 2017 - Rabbits Jump And They Live For 8 Years. Dogs Run And They Live For 15 Years. Turtles Do Nothing And They Live For 150 Years. "Today's Lesson
13 Feb 2017 - A Cute Nurse Came For The Interview. Dr: "What Salary You Expect?" Nurse: "Rs.10,000/-" Dr Was Overjoyed & Said: "My Pleasure" Nurse:
12 Feb 2017 - According To A Research, There Are Basically 6 Types Of Girls. 1. Hard Disk Girls - Remember Everything Forever. 2. Ram Girls - Forgets About Yo
11 Feb 2017 - Questions: "What Is The Difference Between A Man Who Is Buying A Lottery Ticket And A Man Who Is Arguing With His Wife?" Answer: "Lottery Ticket Bu
10 Feb 2017 - What's The Difference Between People, Who Pray In Temple And People Who Pray In A Casino? Those In Casino Are More Serious.