15 Jun 2019 - Two Hunters Are Out In The Woods When One Of Them Collapses. He Doesn’t Seem To Be Breathing And His Eyes Are Glazed. The Other Man Pulls Out
14 Jun 2019 - Ek Chor Ek Crore Rupaye Aur Bahut Sara Gold Chori Karke Bhaaga. Police Piche Padi Hui Thi, Isliye Bachne Ke Liye Ek Gunge, Bahre Insan Ke Ghar Ghus
13 Jun 2019 - This Is A Quote From Baba Saxidas Book Titled, How To Live Longer Never Reject Any Girl In Your Life, B'coz A Gud Girl Gives You Hapiness, An
13 Jun 2019 - Santa Was Spending Some Of His Hard-Earned Cash On A Luxury Cruise And Was Given A Table With A Frenchman. At Their First Meal Together, The French
11 Jun 2019 - Importance Of Thumb Babies Use It For Chewing. Illiterate People Use It For Sign. Winners Use It For Victory. My Fans Use It For Reading M
10 Jun 2019 - Girl Friend: "My Heart Is Like A Mobile And You Are The SIM Card" Boy Friend: "I'm Very Happy" Girl Friend: "Don't Be Too Happy, If I Get A New
10 Jun 2019 - Teacher: How Do You Differentiate "Wife" & "Mother"? Santa: Before Marriage We Sleep With "Mother" & After Marriage We Sleep With Our "Wife
08 Jun 2019 - Banta Asked To Santa. Banta: "When You Kiss Your Wife?" Santa: "I Kiss My Wife Before I Go To Office Every Day And You?" Banta: "I Kiss Your
07 Jun 2019 - An Engineer Having No Child, No Money, No Home, Blind Mother, Prays To God. God Says He Will Grant Him One Wish. Engineer: "I Want My Mother To
07 Jun 2019 - Jet Airways Launched A Scheme Where A Husband Can Take His Wife Free On Their Business Trip. After Big Success Of The Scheme. Jet Airways Sent L