21 Aug 2019 - Husband Is Like A Split AC, No Matter How Loud He Is Outside, But Inside The House, He Is Designed To Remain Silent, Cool & Controlled By
16 Aug 2019 - Man To Super Hot Air-Hostess: "What Is Your Name?" Air-Hostess: "Eva Benz!" Man: "Wow, Lovely Name, Any Relation With Mercedes Benz?" Air-Hos
16 Aug 2019 - On A Flight James Bond Was Sitting Next To A Telugu Guy. Telugu Guy: "Hello, May I Know Your Name Please?" James Bond: "My Name Is Bond’ Conti
15 Aug 2019 - True Example Of Self Protection With Heavy Flirt. Teacher To Pappu: "Why Are You Sleeping In The Class?" Pappu: "Your Voice Is So Sweet That's W
15 Aug 2019 - Breaking News... Vidya Balan Blouse Is Nominated For . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Best Supporting Role.
15 Aug 2019 - Nurse: "Sir, Your Wife's Phone" Doctor: "What's The Matter?" Nurse: "She Wants To Kiss You" Doctor: "I'm Busy, You Take Her Kiss & Give M
13 Aug 2019 - Question: "What Is The Oxymoron?" Answer: "An Oxymoron Is Defined As A Phrase In Which Two Words Of Opposite Meanings Are Brought Together" Here
13 Aug 2019 - Professor To Students: "I Want You To Write An Essay With The Following Elements: 1. Religion 2. Royalty 3. Sex And 4. Mystery After Tw
12 Aug 2019 - Girl Got Selected And Boy Failed In Interview By Same Reason. They Both Were Wearing Shirts With Two Top Buttons Opened Before The CEO.
12 Aug 2019 - A Woman Got On A Bus Holding A Baby. The Bus Driver Said: "Ughhh! That's The Ugliest Baby I've Ever Seen." The Woman Goes To The Rear Of The Bus