19 Apr 2014 - A Married Couple Is Driving Down The Highway Doing 80km/h. The Husband Is Behind The Wheel. His Wife Looks Over At Him And Says: "Honey, I Know We'
17 Apr 2014 - God: "I Am Making Girls With Hi-Tech Features Any Suggestion?" Boys: "Yes The Heart Should Be Password Protected, To Avoid Multiple Users"
17 Apr 2014 - A Woman Got On A Bus Holding A Baby. The Bus Driver Said: "Ughhh! That's The Ugliest Baby I've Ever Seen." The Woman Goes To The Rear Of The Bus
16 Apr 2014 - Yesterdays Breaking News: "42 Year Aunty Was Raped By A 22 Year Boy In Jogging Park" Today's News: "Park Is Full Of Aunties"
13 Apr 2014 - Democratic Difrence Betwen USA & India In USA: "You Can Kiss In A Public Place But Can’t Susu." In India: "You Can Susu In Public Place Bu
12 Apr 2014 - Teacher Ask A Question To Santa. Teacher: "What Is 5 Plus 4?" Santa: "9" Teacher: "And What Is 4 Plus 5?" Santa: "Are You Trying To Fool M
12 Apr 2014 - When Someone Touches You & You Dont Feel It, Its "Ignorance" When Someone Touches You & You Feel It, Its "Love" When Nobody Touches You
11 Apr 2014 - In 1980 IDBI Bank Rejected Loan 4 Ambani. Now In 2014 Mukesh Ambani Planning 2 Buy IDBI Bank. This Shows Nothing Is Impossible. Today HDFC Ba
10 Apr 2014 - 10 Years From Now A Kid Asked His Dad: "Dad, How Did You Meet Mom?" Dad: "Well Son, Your Mom Had The Hottest Profile Picture So I Had To Friend Req
09 Apr 2014 - Two Boys Were Arguing When The Teacher Entered The Classroom. Teacher: "Why Are You Arguing?" A Boy: "Miss, We Found A 100 Rupees Note And Decid