20 Aug 2014 - New Idea Of Proposing A Girl. Boy: "Can I Take A Photo Of You" Girl: "Why ?" Boy: "Just Wanted To Show My Children How Their Mom Looked In He
19 Aug 2014 - A Woman Returned Home On Evening And Asked Her New Maid, Woman: "Did You Clean Out The Refrigerator As I Told You?" Maid: "Yes, Mam, And Everyth
16 Aug 2014 - Two Guys Coming Out Of The Examination Hall With Chips And Coke In Hand. 1st Guy: "Which Paper Was It?" 2nd Guy: "I Think, Math" 1st Guy: "Su
14 Aug 2014 - Girls Are So Beautiful, Loving, Caring And Understanding In .Jpg Format. And Guys Are So Sweet Loving And Caring In .Mp3 Format.
13 Aug 2014 - Questions: "What Is The Difference Between A Man Who Is Buying A Lottery Ticket And A Man Who Is Arguing With His Wife?" Answer: "Lottery Ticket Bu
12 Aug 2014 - For A Girl Who Says, All Men Are The Same Should Be Asked, Who Told Her To Try All Of Them.
12 Aug 2014 - Teacher: "You Failure ! At Your Age Bill Gates Stood First In The Class" Student: "Mind You, Sir, But At Your Age Hitler Committed Suicide"
11 Aug 2014 - Wife At Night: "Tell Me How Much Did Sachin Score In 2003 World Cup Against Pakistan?" Husband: "98, Why?" Wife: "Now Tell Me Why You Didn't Wis
10 Aug 2014 - It Was Happening In A Hospital That ICU Patients Died In Same Bed Every Sunday At 11 Am. Dr. Thought, It Is Something Super Natural Worldwide Xp
10 Aug 2014 - A Cute Nurse Came For The Interview. Dr: "What Salary You Expect?" Nurse: "Rs.10,000/-" Dr Was Overjoyed & Said: "My Pleasure" Nurse: