19 Apr 2015 - One Day A Man Was Driving Fast, And He Got Pulled Over By A Police Officer. Officer: "What's Your Excuse For Going Over The Speed Limit?" Man In
17 Apr 2015 - People Usually Say There Is No Difference Between Complete & Finish. But There Is When You Marry The Right One, You Are Complete. And Whe
13 Apr 2015 - One Day 5 Years Little Kid Ask To His Mom Kid: "Mommy, Why I am Black & You Are White? Mom Replied: "Listen Son, Considering All The Crazy T
11 Apr 2015 - A Sardar (Santa), A German And A Pakistani Got Arrested Consuming Alcohol Which Is A Severe Offense In Saudi Arabia So For The Terrible Crime They
10 Apr 2015 - The Best Way To Smuggle Drugs Is To Place Them Up A Dog's Ass. That Way, Even If The Sniffer Dog Suspects Anything, The Officials Will Think It'
09 Apr 2015 - Nurse: "Sir, Your Wife's Phone" Doctor: "What's The Matter?" Nurse: "She Wants To Kiss You" Doctor: "I'm Busy, You Take Her Kiss & Give M
08 Apr 2015 - Santa Calls The Help Desk To Complain About Computer Problem. Santa: "When I Type Computer Password, It Just Shows Star Star Star Star, What Is Tha
08 Apr 2015 - Once A Carrot Fell In Love With A Cabbage. After Some Months, Finally They Got Married. Next Day His Buddy Beet Asked: "How Was Your Wedding Nig
03 Apr 2015 - What Is The Great Example Of Mixed Emotions Your Greatest Enemy Falls From 8th Floor, On Your Brand New Car And You Don't Know Whether To Laugh
02 Apr 2015 - I Am An Indian But These Make Me More. When The Shampoo Bottle Seems To Be Over, I Pour Some Water In It, Shake It, And Use It For Another Bath.