09 Jan 2016 - Girlfriend Apne Boyfriend Se Phone Par Baat Kar Rahi Thi. Girlfriend: "I Love You So Much, I Will Always Keep You In My Heart." Boyfriend: "Plea
17 Nov 2015 - An Engineer Having No Child, No Money, No Home, Blind Mother, Prays To God. God Says He Will Grant Him One Wish! Engineer: "I Want My Mother To
04 Nov 2015 - Dosto Aaye Dekhe Haryana Mein Teachers English Language Ki Kaise Maa Behen Ek Karte Hain. 1. Don't Talk In Front Of My Back. 2. Both Of You Thre
08 Oct 2015 - Question: "Prove That 2/10 = 2" Arts Student: "Out Of Course." Commerce Student: "Wrong Question." Medical Student: "What The Hell, It's Not
04 Oct 2015 - Why American Names Are Like - "Jackson, Wilson, Markson, Robinson, Kenson, Anderson, Davidson, Jemson, Johnson" Because This Is The Easy Way For Mo
02 Oct 2015 - Once Two Persons Were Sitting In A Meeting. 1st Said: "This Meeting Is So Boring Even My Hips Are Sleeping" 2nd Said: "Ya I've Heard Them Snorin
01 Oct 2015 - What Is True Love? When Wife Pulls Her Husband (Who's Fully Drunk) To Bed & Tries Removing His Shirt & Husband Replies: "Lady Leave M
30 Sep 2015 - A Boy’s Eye Is Faster Than Google In Searching A Beautiful Girl In Crowd, But A Boy’s Heart Is Slower Than Governments Bus While Proposing A Gi
27 Sep 2015 - A Woman Is Driving First Time On The Highway. Her Husband Calls & Says: "Be Careful Love, It's Just Been On The Radio That Some One Is Driving
27 Sep 2015 - A Boy Throws A Love Letter To A Girl But It Falls On Her Brother And Her Brother Agrees.

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