25 Sep 2021 - Boss: "We Are Very Keen On Cleanliness. Did You Wipe Your Feets On The Mat As You Came In?" New Employee: "Yes, Sir" Boss: "We Are Also Keen On
25 Sep 2021 - Teacher: "What Should Be In A Book To Make It A Bestseller?" Pappu: "A Girl On The Cover & No Cover On The Girl"
25 Sep 2021 - Husband Kills His Unfaithful Wife While Their 5 Year Old Son Was Still Sleeping. The Weird Thing Was That The Kid Didn't Ask For His Mom Even 3 Day
24 Sep 2021 - A Little Boy Says To Girl "I Love U"? But She Says She Likes Someone Else, The Little Boy Looks Down In Sad Mood, And After Few Seconds Looks
24 Sep 2021 - Father Was Telling The Definition Success To His Son. Father: "Son, Success Is When Your Signature Turns Into An Autograph." Son: "No Dad, Succe
23 Sep 2021 - Little Johnny Was Being Questioned By The Teacher During An Arithmetic Lesson. Teacher Said: "If You Had Ten Dollars, And I Asked You For A Loan Of
22 Sep 2021 - Questions: "What Is The Difference Between A Man Who Is Buying A Lottery Ticket And A Man Who Is Arguing With His Wife?" Answer: "Lottery Ticket Bu
22 Sep 2021 - Husband Is Like A Split AC, No Matter How Loud He Is Outside, But Inside The House, He Is Designed To Remain Silent, Cool & Controlled By
21 Sep 2021 - Definition Of Home "Home Is The Place Where U Can Scratch Exactly Where It Itches"
19 Sep 2021 - Two Girls Were Sitting At A Club. One Was Ugly And The Other One Was Beautiful. Pappu Came And Walked Straight To The Ugly Girl. Pappu: "Hi"