22 Jul 2014 - There Was A Party & The Host Was Getting Worried Because There Were Too Many People And Not Enough Refreshments. Host Wasn't Sure If All Of
21 Jul 2014 - Newtons Laws On Love - Worth Mentioned Universal Law: "Love Can Never Be Created Nor Be Destroyed, It Can Be Transfer Only From One GF To Other"
20 Jul 2014 - Santa Purchased A New Mobile And Was Sitting In A Bar, His Cellular Phone Rings. He Picks It Up And Says: "Hello, How Did You Know I Was Here?"
19 Jul 2014 - A Mechanic Was Removing The Cylinder Heads From The Motor Of A Car When He Spotted The Famous Heart Surgeon In His Shop. That Surgeon Was Waiting F
19 Jul 2014 - Santa At Railway Station To Other People: "Did Anyone Lose Money Wrapped In A Rubber Band?" One Said: "Yes I Did" Santa: "Well, It's Your Lucky
18 Jul 2014 - Question: "What's The Difference Between A Good Lawyer And A Great Lawyer?" Answer: "A Good Lawyer Knows The Law And A Great Lawyer Knows The Judge
18 Jul 2014 - Dress Code For A Party Is "Black Ties Only". Santa Goes For The Party & Is Surprised To See That The Other Guests Are Wearing Suits Also.
18 Jul 2014 - Dad: "Why Didn't You Go For The Exam?" Son: "Paper Was Tough" Dad: "Without Going, How Did You Know?" Son: "Paper Was Leaked Two Days Ago"
18 Jul 2014 - Husband SMS His Wife: "Hi, What You Doing Darling?" Wife: "I’m Dying" Husband Jumps With Joy But Types: "Oh My Dear, How Can I Live Without Yo
15 Jul 2014 - A Junior In An Office Dialed His Boss Number By Mistake And Said "Send Me A Coffee To My Desk In 2 Minutes" Boss Shouted: "Do You Know Who You A