26 Sep 2016 - A Man's Feeling. It Feels Like A Mini Heart Attack, When I Don't Find My Mobile In My Pocket. & It's Almost Like Heart Fail, When I Se
26 Sep 2016 - Man At Petrol Pump: "Full The Tank Of The Car" Attendant: "Sir, Please Provide Me Your Pan Card No." Man: "What, Why?" Attendant: "Sir, Its A
22 Sep 2016 - Doctor To A Rich Man: "Do You Prefer A Local Anesthesia?" Rich Man: "Nop, I Would Rather Prefer An Imported One"
21 Sep 2016 - Funny Definitions: Laziness? - Asking Lift For Morning Walk. Craziness? - Get Blank Paper Xerox. Honesty? - Pregnant Women Taking 2 Tickets.
20 Sep 2016 - Dear Monsoon, Please Don't Be So Romantic. We Do Not Have Sexy Girlfriends Who Will Wear Chiffon Sarees And Dance In The Rains. We Only Have
17 Sep 2016 - After An Accident: Driver Angrily: "I Showed You The Headlights And Told You To Let Me Go First" Santa: "I Also Started The Wipers And Said No.
17 Sep 2016 - Why American Names Are Like - "Jackson, Wilson, Markson, Robinson, Kenson, Anderson, Davidson, Jemson, Johnson" Because This Is The Easy Way For Mo
17 Sep 2016 - Two Cockroaches Were Admitted In The I.C.U. First Cockroach: "Did Someone Beat You Badly?" Second Cockroach: "No Brother, A Beautiful Girl Saw M
13 Sep 2016 - Once Upon Time There Was A Simple Girl Who Fell In Love With 2 Boys But Unfortunately Both Boys Didn't Love Her The Loved Each Other
13 Sep 2016 - What Is The Best Punishment For A Girl? Give Her New Clothes, Matching Jewellry And Nice Cosmetics And Then Lock Her In A Room Without A Mirror.