31 May 2020 - LEVIS Is Launching New Xtreme Low Waist Jeans, And Named As The ABCD Jeans, Which Means Arey Baapre Chaddi Dikhti Hai.
30 May 2020 - We Pronounce 22 As Twenty Two, 33 As Thirty Three, 44 As Forty Four, 55 As Fifty Five. Then Why Not We Say 11 As Onety One? Doubt By -
30 May 2020 - Define A True Music Lover? A Girl Singing In The Bathroom While Taking The Bath, And Boy Near Keyhole Is Using His Ear Not Eyes.
30 May 2020 - A Mechanic Was Removing The Cylinder Heads From The Motor Of A Car When He Spotted The Famous Heart Surgeon In His Shop. That Surgeon Was Waiting F
29 May 2020 - Dress Code For A Party Is "Black Ties Only". Santa Goes For The Party & Is Surprised To See That The Other Guests Are Wearing Suits Also.
29 May 2020 - A Lecturer Teaching Medical Was Tutoring A Class On Observation. He Took Out A Jar Of Yellow-Coloured Liquid. This, He Explained, Is Urine. To B
28 May 2020 - Girls Are So Beautiful, Loving, Caring And Understanding In .Jpg Format. And Guys Are So Sweet Loving And Caring In .Mp3 Format.
27 May 2020 - Girlfriend And Boyfriend Chatting On Facebook. Girlfriend: "Please Stay Up, Just A Little Longer? I Really Want To Talk To You" Boyfriend: "No,
27 May 2020 - The Woman Who Invented The Phrase "All Men Are The Same" Was A Chinese Woman Who Lost Her Husband
26 May 2020 - A Telugu Guy Calls Her Girl Friend For A Dinner Treat Guy: "Do You Want To Go Out For Dinner" Girl Happily: "Yeah Sure." Guy: "So Eight O'clo