29 Nov 2021 - A Mechanic Was Removing The Cylinder Heads From The Motor Of A Car When He Spotted The Famous Heart Surgeon In His Shop. That Surgeon Was Waiting F
26 Nov 2021 - Girls Only Know Two Thing Perfectly, 1. Make Up. . . . . . . . . . . 2. Break Up.
24 Nov 2021 - Government Has Estimated That 1 Billion Liters Of Water Will Get Wasted In Holi Celebration. Join The Mass Movement To Protect Environment And Cons
22 Nov 2021 - Once Ram, Laxman & Sita Were Travelling In A Mercedes. Suddenly The Petrol Got Over. Ram & Laxman Went To Bring Petrol From The Nearest
22 Nov 2021 - A Single Spelling Mistake, That Caused A Divorce. A Man Went to Goa & Sent SMS 2 Wife: "Having The Most Wonderful Time Of My Life Wish You W
22 Nov 2021 - Feeling Bored? Wondering What To Do? Simple... 1. Open The Zip 2. Insert Your Hand. 3. Slowly Take Out. Pen & Paper From Bag
19 Nov 2021 - Bob Walked Into A Bar Around 9:58 Pm He Sat Down Next To A Blonde At The Bar And Stared Up At The Tv Just As The 10:00 Pm News Was Coming On. Th
19 Nov 2021 - Funny Definitions: Laziness? - Asking Lift For Morning Walk. Craziness? - Get Blank Paper Xerox. Honesty? - Pregnant Women Taking 2 Tickets.
16 Nov 2021 - Once Rajnikant Send A Non-Veg Joke To An Innocent And Religious Girl. Today, That Girl Is Known As "Sunny Leone"
15 Nov 2021 - Four Ants Are Moving Through A Forest. They See An Elephant Coming Towards Them. 1st Ant Says: "We Should Kill Him." 2nd Ant Says: "No, Let U