20 Oct 2016 - Girl: "Hi, Baby" Boy: "Hi, My Lovely"..........................................> Sending Failed Girl: "Are You There?" Boy: "Yes, Yes I Am
20 Oct 2016 - Girls Are Never Wrong Just Sometimes Confused, Rude, Stubborn, Senseless Emotional, Unchangeable, Crazy, Stupid N Even Mad. Bu
19 Oct 2016 - Men Are Like Bluetooth... Always Connected When Wife Is Around... The Moment Wife Is Away... They Automatically Starts Searching For New Devi
17 Oct 2016 - A Telugu Guy Calls Her Girl Friend For A Dinner Treat Guy: "Do You Want To Go Out For Dinner" Girl Happily: "Yeah Sure." Guy: "So Eight O'clo
15 Oct 2016 - An Engineer Having No Child, No Money, No Home, Blind Mother, Prays To God. God Says He Will Grant Him One Wish! Engineer: "I Want My Mother To
14 Oct 2016 - Dress Code For A Party Is "Black Ties Only". Santa Goes For The Party & Is Surprised To See That The Other Guests Are Wearing Suits Also.
13 Oct 2016 - One Morning At A Doctor's Clinic A Patient Arrives Complaining Of Serious Back Pain. The Doctor Examines Him And Asks Him: "Tell Me What Happened T
10 Oct 2016 - A Cool Message From Wife. Dear Mother-In-Law, Don’t Teach Me How To Handle My Children. I Am Living With One Of Yours And He Really Needs A
09 Oct 2016 - Heights Of Insult By A Grammar Freak Girl. Girl To Boy: "You Are As Useless As Ay In Okay"
09 Oct 2016 - What Is The Relation Ship Is Between Cafes And Bars? Simple Most Of The Love Stories Start At Cafes And End At Bars