22 Sep 2017 - A Man And His Family Doctor Accidentally Meets In The Market. Doctor: "How Is Your Headache Now?" Patient: "Ohh, She Is Out Of Town."
22 Sep 2017 - Dosto Aaye Dekhe Haryana Mein Teachers English Language Ki Kaise Maa Behen Ek Karte Hain. 1. Don't Talk In Front Of My Back. 2. Both Of You Thre
21 Sep 2017 - Pathan's Wife Bought A Beautiful Sweater For Her Husband. She Sent It To Him By Parcel Along With A Note... That Said: "The Buttons Of The Sweat
19 Sep 2017 - Happiest Moment For Today's Generation Is Battery Full
19 Sep 2017 - Husband Is Like A Split AC, No Matter How Loud He Is Outside, But Inside The House, He Is Designed To Remain Silent, Cool & Controlled By
18 Sep 2017 - A Guy Sits In A Taxi And Sees His Wife Entering A Hotel With Another Man He Ask The Driver: "Do You Want To Earn Rs 1000 Right Away?." The Drive
16 Sep 2017 - A Telugu Guy Calls Her Girl Friend For A Dinner Treat Guy: "Do You Want To Go Out For Dinner" Girl Happily: "Yeah Sure." Guy: "So Eight O'clo
15 Sep 2017 - Definition Of "Kiss" From The Educational Point Of View: Maths - "Kiss Is The Shortest Distance Between Two Lips." Economics - "Kiss Is That Thi
13 Sep 2017 - An Engineer Having No Child, No Money, No Home, Blind Mother, Prays To God. God Says He Will Grant Him One Wish. Engineer: "I Want My Mother To
11 Sep 2017 - An Economist Beautifully Explained Reasons For Having Two Wives. 1. Monopoly Should Be Broken. 2 Competition Improves The Quality Of Service.