30 Jun 2016 - Question: "Which Day Of The Week Is Most Hated By Fish?" Answer: "Fry Day"
28 Jun 2016 - Dr: "Mrs Rani, Good News For You" Girl: "What Do You Mean By Mrs Rani? I Am Miss Rani" Dr: "Oh! Am Sorry Miss Rani, Bad News"
27 Jun 2016 - Why Government Do Not Allow A Man To Marry Two Women. Because Per Constitution, You Can Not Be Punished Twice For The Same Mistake.
27 Jun 2016 - Daughter: "Sorry Dad, I Got Married Yesterday, I Forgot To Inform You" Dad: "Its Ok My Child, But Don't Forget To Invite Next Time"
26 Jun 2016 - Boy To Gym Coach: "I Wanna Impress Cute Girl, I'm Gonna Meet In 3 Days Which Machine Should I Use?" Coach: "Use The ATM Machine Outside The Gym"
25 Jun 2016 - We Know 10 Facts About You: Fact 1: You Are Reading This. Fact 2: You Can't Say The Letter 'M' Without Touching Your Lips. Fact 3: You Just T
21 Jun 2016 - Girl: "Hi, Baby" Boy: "Hi, My Lovely"..........................................> Sending Failed Girl: "Are You There?" Boy: "Yes, Yes I Am
20 Jun 2016 - Please Forward This To All Who You Care For! A Serious Warning To All My Friends. Drinking & Driving Is Extremely Dangerous. Yesterday Eveni
20 Jun 2016 - Principal Of A Small Middle School Had A Problem With A Few Of The Older Girls Starting To Use Lipstick. When Applying It In The Bathroom They Woul
19 Jun 2016 - Awesome Advice For Boys "Love Your Friends Not Their Sisters" And "Love Your Sisters Not Their Friends."