23 Jan 2017 - A Very Genuine Question Asked By Santa If Marriage Age Is 21 & Drinking Age Is 25, Can The Government Tell Me How To Survive The First Four
23 Jan 2017 - Husband Kills His Unfaithful Wife While Their 5 Year Old Son Was Still Sleeping. The Weird Thing Was That The Kid Didn't Ask For His Mom Even 3 Day
21 Jan 2017 - Dosto Aaye Dekhe Haryana Mein Teachers English Language Ki Kaise Maa Behen Ek Karte Hain. 1. Don't Talk In Front Of My Back. 2. Both Of You Thre
20 Jan 2017 - Once A Carrot Fell In Love With A Cabbage. After Some Months, Finally They Got Married. Next Day His Buddy Beet Asked: "How Was Your Wedding Nig
20 Jan 2017 - A Teenage Girl Was Chatting On Facebook. Stranger: "Hey Pretty! Could You Give Me Your Mail Id?" Girl: "Oh Sure, Its IHaveABoyfriend_andiLoveHim
18 Jan 2017 - One Day A Man Came Back Early From His Office. He Was Shocked To See His Wife With Another Guy. He Told His Wife To Go Out Of The Room. Then
18 Jan 2017 - A Single Spelling Mistake, That Caused A Divorce. A Man Went to Goa & Sent SMS 2 Wife: "Having The Most Wonderful Time Of My Life Wish You W
17 Jan 2017 - A Soldier Rushes To His Captain & Says: "One Enemy Ship Is Approaching Us" Captain Replies "David, Go Bring My Red Shirt" Soldier Gets Shirt
16 Jan 2017 - Teacher Ask A Question To All The Students. Teacher: "Who Will Spell Ambulance, Raise Your Hands?" But Teacher Got No Response From Class Then T
15 Jan 2017 - In Viva, Lecturer: "Shall I Ask You Ten Easy Questions Or One Tough One? Student: "Ask Me Tough One" Lecturer: "What Comes First, Day Or Night?"