30 Oct 2014 - There Was A Flood In A Village. One Man Said To Everyone: "I'll Stay! God Will Save Me!" The Flood Got Higher And A Boat Came And The Man In It
29 Oct 2014 - World Economic Outlook One Day A Tourist Comes To The Only Hotel In A Debt Ridden Town. Lays A $100 Note On The Table & Goes To Inspect The Roo
27 Oct 2014 - Alcohol Is The Really A Worst Thing In The World A Friend Drank A Lot Last Night And Ended Up Saying "I Love You" To His Own Wife Can You Ima
27 Oct 2014 - Two Best Advices For Safe Life: 1. Always Speak The Truth, No Matter How Bitter Harsh It Is 2. Run Immediately After Saying It.
25 Oct 2014 - O Lord, Please Bless Me And Give Me Coffee In The Morning To Change The Things That I Can. And Whiskey In The Evening To Accept The Things That
24 Oct 2014 - Question: "What Is The Oxymoron?" Answer: "An Oxymoron Is Defined As A Phrase In Which Two Words Of Opposite Meanings Are Brought Together" Here
24 Oct 2014 - How Do Girls Start Chatting With Each Other On Facebook? Girl1: "Hey Cutie Mutie... Muuaaaahh" Girl2: "Hii Darlzz... My Sweety... Muuaaahh Muuaa
23 Oct 2014 - A Great Idea By William Sexfear. Please Saved Your Girlfriends Number As "Battery Low" So, Whenever She Calls & You Are Not Around, Your
22 Oct 2014 - A Man Got Two Wishes From God. He Asked For The Best Drink And Best Woman. The Next Moment He Got Bisleri And Mother Teresa. Moral: Investmen
20 Oct 2014 - Studying Has 2 Types: Hard Subjects Which Cannot Be Studied. Easy Subject That Doesn't Need To Be Studied.