21 Feb 2019 - Just Remember This Little Formula If Your Birthday Is Around November 14th You Were A Valentine"s Day Present!
18 Feb 2019 - Four Ants Are Moving Through A Forest. They See An Elephant Coming Towards Them. 1st Ant Says: "We Should Kill Him." 2nd Ant Says: "No, Let U
18 Feb 2019 - Santa Went To Interview For FBI Agent. Interviewer: "Who Killed Abraham Lincoln?" Santa: "Thanks For Giving The Job Sir, I Would Immediately Sta
17 Feb 2019 - "If The First Button In A Shirt Is Put Wrong, Then Every Button Will Be Wrong." -Prem Tailor, Shahdara, Delhi Ab Har Baat Shakespeare Thodi Bol
17 Feb 2019 - Teacher: "If I Gave You 2 Cats, And Another 2 Cats And Another 2, How Many Will You Have?" Pappu: "Seven Sir" Teacher: "No, Listen Carefully. If
17 Feb 2019 - A Journalist Went To A Mental Hospital And Asked A Doctor, Journalist: "How Do You Determine Whether To Admit A Patient Or Not?" Doctor: "Well,
16 Feb 2019 - After An Emotional Hug Girl Said To The Boy, Girl: "If You Hug Me Once More Like That, I Will Be Yours Forever" Boy: "Thanks For The Warning"
14 Feb 2019 - MBA Student Vs. BE Student. A MBA And A BE Student Go On A Camping Trip, Set Up Their Tent, And Fell Asleep. Some Hours Later, The BE Wakes His
13 Feb 2019 - Dual Heart Attack Message By A Girl. 1st Message: "Let's Breakup Now, Its All Over" 2nd Message: "Sorry-Sorry, That Was Not For You"
13 Feb 2019 - According To William Sexfear A Foolish Man Tells A Woman To Stop Talking, But A Wise Man Tells Her That She Looks Extremely Beautiful When Her L