27 Feb 2015 - A Girl Is Shouting In Her Bedroom. Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Haaccchhii... She's Suffering From Cold. Chiii Gan
23 Feb 2015 - What Is Heaven? American Salary, German Car, Chinese Food & Indian Wife And What Is Hell? American Wife, German Food, Chinese Car &a
19 Feb 2015 - A Boy Was Driving A Car. A Girl On Scooty Overtook Him. Boy Shouted: "Hey Buffalo" Girl Turned Back & Shouted: "You Donkey, Idiot, Stupid
17 Feb 2015 - Question: "What Is More Difficult Than Getting A Pregnant Woman Into A Tata Nano?" Answer: "Making A Woman Pregnant Inside A Nano"
16 Feb 2015 - LEVIS Is Launching New Xtreme Low Waist Jeans, And Named As The ABCD Jeans, Which Means Arey Baapre Chaddi Dikhti Hai.
15 Feb 2015 - Boys: "Boys Are Intelligent Than Girls" Girl: "Any Proof?" Boy: "You Always Say Intelligents, But You Never Say Intelliladies"
04 Jan 2015 - Two Children Were Waiting In The Doctor's Waiting Room. The Little Girl Started Crying. Little Boy Asked Her: "Why Are You Crying?" The Girl
03 Jan 2015 - On A Flight James Bond Was Sitting Next To A Telugu Guy. Telugu Guy: "Hello, May I Know Your Name Please?" James Bond: "My Name Is Bond’ Conti
02 Jan 2015 - Wife: "I Wish, I Was A Newspaper, So I Would Be In Your Hands All-Day" Husband: "I Too Wish, That You Were A Newspapers, So I Could Have A New One
31 Dec 2014 - Notice In A Library. "Statutory Warning", While Reading Sex Knowledge Books, Please Hold The Book With Both Hands.