23 Apr 2019 - Before Exam Boy To His Girl-Friend Boy: "Hey, All The Best" Girl-Friend: "All The Best To You Too" But Girl Scored 80 Marks And Boy Failed.
23 Apr 2019 - Fact Of Girl And Boy: Every Girl Wants A Bad Boy Who Will Be Good Just For Her, And Every Boy Wants A Good Girl Who Will Be Bad Just For Him.
23 Apr 2019 - Question: "Do You Know Which Animal Has Good Manners?" Answer: "Cat Because It Always Ask Permission Before Coming Inside Mei Aau."
22 Apr 2019 - After An Emotional Hug Girl Said To The Boy, Girl: "If You Hug Me Once More Like That, I Will Be Yours Forever" Boy: "Thanks For The Warning"
21 Apr 2019 - A Mature Lady Gets Pulled Over For Speeding Lady: "Is There A Problem, Officer?" Traffic Cop: "Yes Mam, I’m Afraid You Were Speeding." Lady
20 Apr 2019 - An Unmarried Man Wrote His Status On Facebook As: "Wanted Wife" Two Girls Like It. . . . And 10,000 Men Commented: "Please Take Ours"
19 Apr 2019 - Boys: "Boys Are Intelligent Than Girls" Girl: "Any Proof?" Boy: "You Always Say Intelligents, But You Never Say Intelliladies"
19 Apr 2019 - According To William Sexfear A Foolish Man Tells A Woman To Stop Talking, But A Wise Man Tells Her That She Looks Extremely Beautiful When Her L
18 Apr 2019 - MBA Student Vs. BE Student. A MBA And A BE Student Go On A Camping Trip, Set Up Their Tent, And Fell Asleep. Some Hours Later, The BE Wakes His
18 Apr 2019 - Boss: "We Are Very Keen On Cleanliness. Did You Wipe Your Feets On The Mat As You Came In?" New Employee: "Yes, Sir" Boss: "We Are Also Keen On