07 Dec 2016 - Question: "What Is The Most Dangerous Alphabet?" Answer: "W" Because All Worries Start With "W" Who? Why? What? When? Which? Where? War
06 Dec 2016 - One Day A Police Man Caught Santa At Traffic Signal In Order To Jump Red Light. Police Man: "Where Do You Live?" Santa: "Sir, I Live With My Par
06 Dec 2016 - Once Ram, Laxman & Sita Were Travelling In A Mercedes. Suddenly The Petrol Got Over. Ram & Laxman Went To Bring Petrol From The Nearest
05 Dec 2016 - Height Of Attitude... An Old Man's T-Shirt Had Words: "I Am Not 60, I Am 18 With 42 Years Of Experience
04 Dec 2016 - Santa Purchased A New Mobile And Was Sitting In A Bar, His Cellular Phone Rings. He Picks It Up And Says: "Hello, How Did You Know I Was Here?"
04 Dec 2016 - Choosing Career Is Like Choosing A Wife From 10 Girls. Even If You Pick The Most Beautiful And Intelligent Woman, There's Still Pain Of Losing T
03 Dec 2016 - A Lecturer Teaching Medical Was Tutoring A Class On Observation. He Took Out A Jar Of Yellow-Coloured Liquid. This, He Explained, Is Urine. To B
01 Dec 2016 - When My Parents Are Asleep. Me: "Shh They Are Sleeping." When I'm Asleep, Parents: "He Is Sleeping, Lets Vacuum The House For 3 Hours."
01 Dec 2016 - Height Of A True Bad Luck. A Guy And A Girl Met Last Time For Their Break-Up.. Girl's Father Caught Them. Now They Are A Married Couple.
30 Nov 2016 - Once Rajnikant Send A Non-Veg Joke To An Innocent And Religious Girl. Today, That Girl Is Known As "Sunny Leone"