17 Jan 2020 - Newtons Laws On Love - Worth Mentioned Universal Law: "Love Can Never Be Created Nor Be Destroyed, It Can Be Transfer Only From One GF To Other"
15 Jan 2020 - If You Feel Overloaded With Work, Immediately Go To To The Nearest "Biological Anxiety Relief" (Bar) Center & Place Order For Any One Or More O
15 Jan 2020 - A Man Was Going In His Ferrari Suddenly Had An Accident. The Car Was Totally Wrecked But Some How The Man Was Safe. Policemen Arrives Man Cri
13 Jan 2020 - Doctor To A Rich Man: "Do You Prefer A Local Anesthesia?" Rich Man: "Nop, I Would Rather Prefer An Imported One"
13 Jan 2020 - If You Paint With Rs. 40,000 Royal Paint, Your Home Will Look Colorful. But If You Drink Rs.400/- Royal Stag, The Whole World Will Look Color
13 Jan 2020 - How To Teach A Girl Dance In Just 5 Sec? Simple The Best Answer Given By Pappu Throw A Cockroach On Her.
12 Jan 2020 - A Tata Nano Breaks Down On A Roadside. A BMW 750Li Stops To Help The Old Driver Of Nano. BMW Driver Said: "I Will Tow You To The Next Service St
12 Jan 2020 - World Economic Outlook One Day A Tourist Comes To The Only Hotel In A Debt Ridden Town. Lays A $100 Note On The Table & Goes To Inspect The Roo
11 Jan 2020 - Fix Your Target & Find The Best Route. Go Fast... Don’t Allow Others In Your Path, Chase Those Before You. If You Do These Things,
10 Jan 2020 - Some Facts That Will Definitely Make You Feel Old: 1. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge Was Released 19 Years Ago. 2. Windows Xp Was Released 13 Year