11 Mar 2018 - Nayi Generation Ke Ram Ne Sita Ko SMS Kiya. Dear Situ, Udhar Kaisa Chal Raha Hai, Main Yahaa Mast Hoon Aur Aasha Karta Hoon Tu Bhi Jhakaas Hogi,
11 Mar 2018 - Question: "Why Do We All Marry?" Answer: "Because, Love & Romance Are Not The Only Element Of Life, We Should Also Know Horror, Terror, Suspens
11 Mar 2018 - Girl's Facebook Status - Traveled In A Bus After Such A Long Time. Comments: Awwwww.. Muah.. May Be Next Time We Both Can Go Together Sweetie
11 Mar 2018 - Wife: "I Wish, I Was A Newspaper, So I Would Be In Your Hands All-Day" Husband: "I Too Wish, That You Were A Newspapers, So I Could Have A New One