30 Jun 2018 - Teacher Class Mein Bachho Ko Pada Rahi Thhi Teacher: "Delhi Mein Kutubminaar Hai" Pappu Piche Wale Bench Pe So Raha Thha, Teacher Ne Ye Dekha Au
30 Jun 2018 - Santa Subha Office Ke Liye Tayaar Ho Raha Tha. Santa Apni Wife (Preeto) Ko Bola: "Preeto, Meri Blue Wali Shirt Kahan Hai?" Preeto: "Oh Sorry Ji,
29 Jun 2018 - Follow Two Things For Lifelong Friendship. Firstly Don't Talk If You Are Angry. Secondly Don't Take The Word Seriously From A Friend Who Is Angr
29 Jun 2018 - Teacher To Class: "Complete The Sentence." "Early To Bed And Early To Rise" Pappu: "This Man Has No Interest In His Wife."
28 Jun 2018 - Ek Ladki Restaurant Mein Bahut Der Se Bethi Thi. Kuch Der Baad Usne Waiter Ko Bulaya Aur Pucha. Ladki: "Ye Jo Samne Aadmi Bethe Hai Wo Kon Hai?"
28 Jun 2018 - Wife At Night: "Tell Me How Much Did Sachin Score In 2003 World Cup Against Pakistan?" Husband: "98, Why?" Wife: "Now Tell Me Why You Didn't Wis
27 Jun 2018 - If You Feel Overloaded With Work, Immediately Go To To The Nearest "Biological Anxiety Relief" (Bar) Center & Place Order For Any One Or More O
27 Jun 2018 - Once An Indian And An American Both Were Friends. They Both Went Into A Chocolate Store. Everybody Is Busy In The Store So American Steal 3 Choc
27 Jun 2018 - William Sexfear's One Good Way To Reduce Alcohol Consumption Before Marriage - Drink Whenever You Are Sad After Marriage - Drink Whenever You Ar
26 Jun 2018 - What Is The Height Of Misunderstanding? A Man Marrying His Own Secretary Thinking That She Will Still Follow His Orders As Before.