02 Mar 2019 - Girl: "I Want To Break Up With You. You Don't Ever Call Me, You Kutte Kamina, Dont Call Me Ever ... Bye....." Boy: "Arre Main Busy Tha, New Lamborg
02 Mar 2019 - Dad: "I Want You To Marry A Girl Of My Choice." Son: "No" Dad: "But The Girl Is Bill Gates Daughter." Son: "Then Ok" Dad Goes To Bill Gate
02 Mar 2019 - Teacher To K.G Student Pappu. Teacher: "Tumare Daddy Kya Karte Hai?" Pappu: "Jo Mom Kehti Hai"
02 Mar 2019 - She Left Note On Fridge: "It's Not Working! Can't Take It Anymore" He Opened The Fridge, The Beer Was Cold And Said: "WTF Is She Talking About?"