14 May 2019 - Ek Ladki Road Pe Sharab Pee Rahi Thi, Use Dekh Ek Ladka Bola. Ladka: "Tum Ladki Hoke Daaru Piti Ho?" Ladki: "To Kya 2-4 Peg Ke Liye Gender Chang
14 May 2019 - A Man's Feeling. It Feels Like A Mini Heart Attack, When I Don't Find My Mobile In My Pocket. & It's Almost Like Heart Fail, When I Se
14 May 2019 - In A Bar 1 Guy Says To Another: "I Kissed Your Mom Last Night" Whole Bar Was Waiting For The Other Guy's Response. He Laughs And Says: "Lets Go
14 May 2019 - Question: "Which Day Of The Week Is Most Hated By Fish?" Answer: "Fry Day"