02 Sep 2019 - Question: "Government Hospital Ke Doctor Aur Marij Mein Kya Similarity Hai?" Answer: "Doctor Nurse Pe Aur Marij Farsh Pe Marta Hai"
02 Sep 2019 - If Everly Girl Looks At You & Smiles Then What Should You Do? Think Think... You Should Check Whether You Have Closed Your Pant Zip or Not.
02 Sep 2019 - A Man Who Is Driving A Car Is Stopped By A Police Officer. The Officer: "You Were Going At Least 75 In A 55 Zone" Man: "No Sir, I Was Going 60"
02 Sep 2019 - Ek Maan Ne Dukhi Hote Hue Apne Bete Ko Kaha Maan: "Beta, Tum Apne Baal Kyun Nahi Katwa Lete?" Beta: "Par Kyun Maan?" Maan: "Beta, Log Rishte