22 May 2022 - Nadi Mein Doobte Hue Aadmi Ne Pull Par Chalte Hue Aadmi Ko Aawaz Lagayi. Aadmi: "Bachao-Bachao" Pull Par Chalte Aadmi Ne Nichhe Rassi Fainki
22 May 2022 - Do You Know That? 99.9% Girls Fail To Give The Answer Of This Question. And Now Its Your Turn . . . . . . Whats Your Cell Number ?
22 May 2022 - Ek Din Ravan Disco Gaya, Aur Waha Jaakar Wo Behosh Ho Gaya, Kyun ? Socho Kyun ? Kyun Ki Gate Par Likha Tha "Entry Fee Rs.1500 Per Head"
22 May 2022 - One Day A Police Man Caught Santa At Traffic Signal In Order To Jump Red Light. Police Man: "Where Do You Live?" Santa: "Sir, I Live With My Par