Explanation Of Diwali

A Mom Asked Her Elder Kid To Explain Diwali To His Younger Brother.

Elder Kid Started:

So Look This Dude Had, Like A Big Cool Kingdom And People Liked Him But,

Like His Step Mum Or Something, Was Kinda Bitch And She Forced Her Hubby To Send This Ram To Some Jungle Or Something.

Because He Was Going For 14years. Or So, His Wife And Brother Got Along You Know To Chill!

But Dude Forest Was Really Scary Shit Really Man And Is Full Of Devil And Shit Like That But This Dude Killed Them With Dart And Arrow.

But Then Some Bad Gangster Jerk, Ravan Picked Up His Babe And Boy This Dude And His Brother Pissed Off,

So They Got Army Of Monkeys Don’t Ask How They Trained Them Monkeys! And Forest They Get Back Home.

People Thought They Deserve Atleast Something, They Had No Bar Or Club To Smoke Stuff,

So They Lit Lamps And This Is How It All Started.

The Mom Fainted.

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25 May 2022 5 Comments 1,413

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