Girlfriend Pe Shayari

Kash! Tum Bakari Hoti,

Main Tum Ko Ghass Khilata,

Pyar Se Tumhare Seengh Pakadta,

Aur Puchta Pagal Kon?

Tum Ya Main?

Or Tum Pyar Se Bolti: “Main Main...”

Tab Main Khoob Jor-Jor Se Hasta…

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31 Aug 2018 6 Comments 3,485

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Kash! Tm Bakri Hoti, Mai Tm Ko Ghas Khilata, Pyr Se Tmhre Singh Pkdta, Or Puchta Pagl Kon? Tm Ya Mai? Or Tm Pyr Se Bolti Mai Mai. Mai Jor-Jor Se Hsta

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