Height Of Facebook Addiction

Height Of Facebook Addiction:

A Boy’s Status: “I’m Online On Facebook During Lecture Hahaha :)”

Comment From His Professor: “Get Out Of The Class Now :p”

Dean Liked Comment! ;)

Friend Commented: “Jaldi Aa Yaar, Cafe Mein Fit Mahol Hai :d”

Gate Keeper Commented: “Saab, Pahle Idhar Aa Ke Apni Bike Lock Kar Do”

Mom Commented: “Nalaik Class Nahi Padhani To Sabzi Le Ke Seedha Ghar Wapas Aa”

Dad Commented: “Dekhlo Apne Bete Ki Harkatein”

Girl-friend Commented: “I Hate You, Kamine Mujhse Kaha Tha Dadi Hospital Mein Hai Mil Nahi Sakta”

Dadi Commented: “Manhoos Tu Ghar Aa Batati Hoon Tujhe”

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