How To Make Her Say “I Love You”

Boy To Girl: “I Bet I Can Make You Say “I Love You”

Girl: “Its Impossible.”

Boy: “Ok, Lets Try! Say Abra Ka Dabra”

Girl Hanste Hue: “Abra Ka Dabra.”

Boy: “Say Scrappy Coco.”

Girl Confuse: “Scrappy Coco.”

Boy: “Say Love.”

Girl: “Love.”

Boy: “What 2+2”

Girl: “4”

Boy: “How Old Are You?”

Girl: “18”

Boy: “Haha!! I Told You I Could Make You Say 18.”

Girl: “No, You Said You Could Make Me Say I Love You.

Boy: “Yes, I Did It.

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24 Jan 2020 11 Comments 6,461

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