How To Trap A Mouse?

The Conversation Between Girlfriend And Boyfriend On Phone.

Girlfriend: “Baby, I Am In A Big Trouble.”
Boyfriend: “Why Is That?”

Girlfriend: “I Saw A Mouse In My House.”
Boyfriend: “Oh, Well, All You Need To Do Is Use A Trap.”

Girlfriend: “I Don’t Have A Trap.”
Boyfriend: “Well Then, Buy One.”

Girlfriend: “Can’t Afford One.”
Boyfriend: “I Can Give You Mine If You Want.”

Girlfriend: “That Sounds Good.”
Boyfriend: “All You Need To Do Is Just Use Some Cheese In Order To Make The Mouse Come To The Trap.”

Girlfriend: “I Don’t Have Any Cheese.”
Boyfriend: “Okay Then, Take A Piece Of Bread And Put A Bit Of Oil In It And Put It In The Trap.”

Girlfriend: “I Don’t Have Oil.”
Boyfriend: “Well, Then Put Only A Small Piece Of Bread.”

Girlfriend: “I Don’t Have Bread.”
Boyfriend: “Then What The F#ck Is The Mouse Doing At Your House?”

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