16 Jun 2018 - Define A True Music Lover? A Girl Singing In The Bathroom While Taking The Bath, And Boy Near Keyhole Is Using His Ear Not Eyes.
15 Jun 2018 - Ek Friend Ne Pappu Se Ek Question Poochha. Friend: "Yaar Pappu Bhai, Heart Attack Se Marne Walon Mein Gents Hain 90% Aur Ladies Sirf 10%, Aisa Kyun
10 Jun 2018 - Question: "Aisa Konsa Driver Hai Jise Koi License Nahi Chahiye?" Answer: "Screwdriver"
09 Jun 2018 - Question: "Why Do Indian Married Women Have That Red Dot On Their Forehead?" Answer: "Because They’re Recording Everything"
09 Jun 2018 - What Is Heaven? American Salary, German Car, Chinese Food & Indian Wife And What Is Hell? American Wife, German Food, Chinese Car &a
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03 Jun 2018 - Question: "Kanton Bhari Raah Mein Kaun Sath Deta Hai?" Mom/dad? - No Husband/wife? - No Friends? - No Love? - Never Only Your Chappals.
29 May 2018 - According To William Sexfear Research If "Muaahh" Is A Kiss.. Then "Kalmuaah" Is A Promise To Kiss Tomorrow.
28 May 2018 - Manager Asked Santa In An Interview. "Can You Spell A Word That Has More Than 100 Letters In It?" Santa Replied: "P-O-S-T-B-O-X."