26 Sep 2021 - Q: "Aisi Ki Taisi Kab Hoti Hai?" Batao-Batao ? ? ? Ans: "Jab Loose Motion Lage Hon Aur Pajame Ka Nada Na Khule."
22 Sep 2021 - Questions: "What Is The Difference Between A Man Who Is Buying A Lottery Ticket And A Man Who Is Arguing With His Wife?" Answer: "Lottery Ticket Bu
21 Sep 2021 - Definition Of Home "Home Is The Place Where U Can Scratch Exactly Where It Itches"
20 Sep 2021 - A Father Asked A Question To His Son: "Tell Me Son, What Is Pyaar." Lovely Answer By Son: "Dad, Its A Group Of Friends Sitting In A Bar With Bottle
16 Sep 2021 - Question: "Love Marriage Aur Arranged Marriage Mein Kya Farak Hai?" Answer: "Love Marriage Matlab Apni Girlfriend Se Shaadi Karna & Arranged Ma
15 Sep 2021 - Question: "Aisa Kon Sa Saamp Hai Jo Har Sec. Mein 0.5cm Lamba Hota Hai Aour Thodi Der Baad Apne Aap Ko Kaat Kar Mar Jata Hai?" Answer: "Nokia Ki Ga
13 Sep 2021 - Teacher Class Mein Pappu Se Puchti Hai. Teacher: "India Mein Kitne Mahapurush Paida Hue Hai?" Pappu: "India Mein Mahapurush To Kya Purush Bhi Pa
13 Sep 2021 - Wedding Is The Only Day, When A Boy Stand On The Stage, And Watched Other Girls Dressed Beautifully And Think ? ? ? ? ? "Itne Din Yeh Sab
11 Sep 2021 - Define A True Music Lover? A Girl Singing In The Bathroom While Taking The Bath, And Boy Near Keyhole Is Using His Ear Not Eyes.
10 Sep 2021 - Class Mein Teacher Sab Bacho Se Puchti Hai Tum Bade Ho Kar Kya-Kya Banoge, Santa Ki Baari Aati Hai Aur Teacher Puchti Hai. Teacher: "Acha Santa