29 Jun 2015 - Nehru Said: "Wine & Woman Are Most Dangerous Enemies Of Man" Mahatma Gandhi Said: "We Should Love Our Enemies" Ab Aap Hi Batao Ki Bapu Ki Ba
24 Jun 2015 - If You Marry One Woman, She Will Fight With You. But If You Marry 2 Women, They Both Will Fight For You. Add Wife, Have Life. Think Different
23 Oct 2014 - A Great Idea By William Sexfear. Please Saved Your Girlfriends Number As "Battery Low" So, Whenever She Calls & You Are Not Around, Your
05 Oct 2014 - According To William Sexfear Every Wife Is A Mistress For Her Husband. Miss For One Hour And . . . . Stress For The Remaining 23 Hours.
27 Sep 2014 - According To William Sexfear Research If "Muaahh" Is A Kiss.. Then "Kalmuaah" Is A Promise To Kiss Tomorrow.