Itne Paise Mein Aur Kya Chahiye

Maine Paani Mein Ek Sikka Dala,

Aur Bhagwan Se Ek Pyara Sa Dost Manga.

Mujhe Aap Mil Gaye,

Tabhi Aasman Se Aawaz Aayi: “1 Rupaye Mein Aisa Hi Milta Hai.”

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31 May 2020 17 Comments 5,476

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Mene Pani Me 1 Sika Dala, Or Bhagwan Se 1 Pyara Sa Dost Manga. Muje Ap Mil Gaye, Or Tabi Asman Se Awaz Ayi- 1 Rupaye Me Aisa Hi Milta Hai

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