I’ve Got Everything I Need

A Married Couple Is Driving Down The Highway Doing 80km/h. The Husband Is Behind The Wheel.

His Wife Looks Over At Him And Says: “Honey, I Know We’ve Been Married For 15 Years, But, I Want A Divorce”

The Husband Says Nothing But Slowly Increases Speed To 100km/h.

Wife Then Says: “I Don’t Want You To Try To Talk Me Out Of It, Because I’ve Been Having An Affair With Your Best Friend, And He’s A Better Lover Than You”

Again The Husband Stays Quiet And Just Speeds Up As His Anger Increases.

Wife: “I Want The House”

Again The Husband Speeds Up, And Now Is Doing 120km/h.

Wife: “I Want The Kids Too”

The Husband Just Keeps Driving Faster, And Faster, Now He’s Up To 140km/h.

Wife: “I Want The Car, The Checking Account, And All The Credit Cards Too”

The Husband Slowly Starts To Veer Toward A Bridge Overpass Piling, As She Says: “Is There Anything You Want?”

The Husband Says: “No, I’ve Got Everything I Need”

She Asks: “Really! What’s That?”

The Husband Replies Just Before They Hit The Wall At 200km/h: “I’ve Got The Airbag.

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