KG Vs 12th – Woh Beete Din Sach Mein Yaad Ate Hai

KG: “Kisi Se Dosti Nahi Thi Aur Ladka Ladki Sab Hath Pakad Kar Chalte The”
12th: “Dosti Bhi Hai Aur Pyar Bhi, Par Hath Pakadne Se Darte Hai”

KG: “Pencil, Rubber, Sharpner, Scale, Sab Roz Le Jate The”
12th: “1 Pen Bhi Doosri Class Se Mangne Jate Hai”

KG: “Lunch Se Pahle Hand Wash Aur Prayer Karte The”
12th: “1st Period Mein Hi Lunch Khatam Kar Dete Hai”

KG: “Class Mein Enter Hone Se Pahle, Mam, May I Come In Bolte The”
12th: “Bina Bataye Hi Poore Period Bunk Pe Rahte Hai”

KG: “Bag Mein Har Subject Ki Book Aur Copy Dalte The”
12th: “Har Subject Ki 1 Hi Copy Banate Hai”

KG: “Class Test Mein Star Milta Tha”
12th: “Full Moon Hi Naseeb Hote Hai”

KG: “Roz Diary Likhte The Aur Mom Ko Dikhate The”
12th: “1st Page Pe Details Bhar Kar Diary Kisi Kone Mein Fenk Dete Hai”

I’m Sure Many Of You Must Have Liked The 1st Comparison.

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26 Apr 2022 14 Comments 38,111

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  1. Raj kumar says:

    i wish if god cud plsssss return those golden days to us whn we were kids, its awesum to be kids rather den being a man… still missing my school days wid tears in my eyes, shabir boss good job done… accha likha tumne…

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