Math Is Too Hard For Kids

A Little Boy Was Doing His Maths Homework, Saying To Himself,

2+5 The Son Of Bitch Is 7, 3+6 The Son Of Bitch Is 9.

His Mother Heard This & Gasped: “What Are You Doing?

The Little Boy Answered: “I’m Doing My Math’s Homework Mom

Mom: “And This Is How Your Teacher Taught You To Do It?

Little Boy: “Yes

Infuriated, The Mother Asked The Teacher Next Day,

Mother: “Are You Teaching Maths To Children By Saying 2+2, The Son Of Bitch Is 4?

The Teacher Started Laughing, And Answered: “What I Taught Them Was, 2+2 The Sum Of Which Is 4

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07 Jul 2022 5 Comments 7,113

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