Mere Ghar Mein Mera Hi Hukam Chalta Hai

Ek Din Santa Apne Dost Banta Ko Khushi Se Bata Raha Tha.

Santa: “Mere Ghar Mein Mera Hi Hukam Chalta Hai, Main Kahta Hun Garam Paani Leke Aao To Meri Biwi Le Aati Hai

Banta: “Garam Paani Hi Kyun?

Santa: “Arey, Garam Paani Se Bartan Achhi Tarha Dhulte Hai Na

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04 Apr 2020 2 Comments 43,078

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Santa- Ghar Me Mera He Hukam Chlta Hai. Me Kahta Hu, Garm Pani Le Ke Aa, To Meri BV Le Ati Hai. Bnta- Garm Pani Q? Snta- Garm Pani Se Bartan Ache Dhulte Hai Na

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