Nakal Marna Galat Baat Hai

Ek Baar Exam Mein Question Aaya Hips Par Essay Likho?

To Santa Apni Pent Khol Kar Hips Dekh Raha Tha.

Tabhi Ek Bache Ne Zor Se Bola: “Mam Dekho, Santa Ne Guide Khol Rakhi Hai

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20 Sep 2018 4 Comments 4,935

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1 Bar Exam Me Ques Aya Hips Par Essay Likho? To Snta Apni Pent Khol Kr Hips Dekh Rha Tha. Tbhi 1 Bache Ne Zor Se Bola- Mam, Snta Ne Guide Khol Rkhi H

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