Paise Kaise Bachaye Jaye? Lala Muftimal Se Seekho

Lala Muftimal Apne Bachhon Ko Bola: “Jo Dinner Nahi Khayega Usko 10 Rupaye Milenge

Bachhon Ne Socha Aur 10 Rupaye Leke Bhukhe So Gaye.

Agle Din Subah Muftimal Bachhon Se Bola

Muftimal: “Breakfast Usko Milega Jo 10 Rupaye Dega

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15 Feb 2024 1 Comment 38,529

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Lala Muftimal Bcho Se- Jo Diner Nhi Khayga Usko 10 Rs Milege. Bche 10 Rs Leke Bhuke So Gye. Agle Din Suba Muftimal Bcho Se- Breakfast Usko Milega Jo 10 Rs Dega.

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