Pappu And Teacher

English Teacher Ask To Pappu.

Teacher: “What Is A Verb?”
Pappu: “A Verb Is A Valve Found In Bicycle Tyre”

Teacher: “What Are You Saying?”
Pappu: “It Is A Complete Sentence”

Teacher: “Are You Mad?”
Pappu: “It Is A Question”

Teacher: “Don’t Be Silly”
Pappu: “It Is An Advice”

Teacher: “Stop That Nonsense”
Pappu: “It Is A Command”

Teacher: “You Are An Idiot”
Pappu: “It Is An Insult”

Teacher: “Get Out Of My Class”
Pappu: “It Is An Order”

Teacher: “Oh My God! What A Shame”
Pappu: “It Is An Exclamation”

Teacher: “May God Have Mercy On You”
Pappu: “It Is A Prayer Sir”

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