Pathan Kisi Ke Liye Nahi Rukte

Pathan Apne Scooter Pe Ja Raha Tha, Raste Mein Ek Aadmi Ne Lift Maang Li.

Aage Red Light Thi Pathan Ne Badi Teji Se Scooter Nikal Diya Pichhe Baitha Aadmi Dar Gaya.

Aadmi: “Pathan Ji, Red Light Thi

Pathan: “Hum Pathan Hai Red Light Pe Nahi Rukte

Phir Red Light Aayi Phir Nikal Diya, Aadmi Aur Jayada Dar Gaya.

Aadmi: “Pathan Ji Marwaoge Kya Red Light Thi

Pathan: “Hum Pathan Hain Pathan Red Light Pe Nahi Rukte

Aage Green Light Aayi To Pathan Ne Zor Ka Break Mara Aur Wahi Ruk Gaya.

Aadmi: “Pathan Ji, Ab To Chalo Green Light Hai

Pathan: “Abbey Marwayega Kya, Udhar Se Koi Pathan Aa Raha Hua To?

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