Pyar Kaisi Karna Chahiye?

Baba Saxidas Se Unke Ek Bhakat Ne Puchha

Bhakt: “Baba Ji, Pyar Kar Ke Shadi Karni Chahiye Ya Shaadi Kar Ke Pyar Karna Chahiye?

Baba Ji: “Beta, Shaadi Kar Ke Pyar Kar Lo Koi Burani Nahi Hai, Par…

Bhakt: “Parr Kya?

Baba Ji Muskurate Hue: “Par Is Bat Ki Khabar Biwi Ko Nahi Lagni Chahiye

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16 Oct 2020 3 Comments 10,416

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Ques- Pyr Ker K Shadi Krni Chahiye Ya Shadi Kr K Pyr Krna Chahiye? Ans- Shadi Kr K Pyr Krna Chahiye Mgar Isski Khabar Biwi Ko Nhi Honi Chahiye.

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