Romantic Mood Ka Satyanash

Ek Girl Apne Boy Friend Ko Romantic Mood Mein Meessage Karti Hai.

Girl: “Agar Tum So Rahe Ho To Mujhe Apne Sapne Bhejo, Jaag Rahe Ho To Yaaden Bhejo, Ro Rahe Ho To Aansoon Bhejo

Boy Replies: “Potty Kar Raha Hoon – Bhejun

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20 Sep 2017 6 Comments 3,115

SMS Version

G/f Msgs 2 B/f- Agar Tm So Rhe Ho To Muje Apne Spne Bejo, Jag Rhe Ho To Yade Bejo, Ro Rhe Ho To Aanso Bejo. Boy Replies- Potty Kr Rha Hu Bhejun

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  1. Ketan M Rathod says:

    24 saal hogaye koi ladki nahi pati,

    Ye hai aam zindagi aur,

    24 saal hogaye koi ladki hume nahi pata saki,

    ye hai mentos zindagi.
    Be positive

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