Salute To Doctors

A Mechanic Was Removing The Cylinder Heads From The Motor Of A Car When He Spotted The Famous Heart Surgeon In His Shop.

That Surgeon Was Waiting For The Service Manager To Come To Take A Look At His Car.

The Mechanic Shouted Across The Garage, “Hello Doctor! Please Come Over Here For A Minute.”

The Famous Surgeon Bit Surprised But He Walked Over To Where The Mechanic Was Working.

The Mechanic Straightened Up, Wiped His Hands On A Rag And Asked

“So Doctor, Look At This Engine. I Also Open Its Heart, Take Valves Out, Repair Any Damage And Then Put It Back Together And When I Finish, This Will Work As A New One.

So So How Come I Get $1,000 For This Job, But You Get A 100 Times More Than Me, When You And Me Is Doing Basically The Same Work?”

The Surgeon Paused For Seconds, Smiled, Leaned Over, And Said: “Try To Do It When The Engine Is Running.”

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30 May 2020 3 Comments 1,783

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