Sasti Baat Kaisi Kare

Pathan Ne Market Mein Ek Aadmi Se Puchha

Pathan: “P.C.O Kidhar Hai?

Aadmi Ne Ishara Kar Ke Bataya.

Pathan PCO Mein Gaya, Jeb Se Mobile Nikala Or Baat Kar Ke Bahar Aa Gaya.

Aadmi Ne Poocha: “Jab Aap Ke Paas Mobile Tha To Aap P.C.O Main Kyun Gaye

Pathan: “Mere Dost Ne  Kaha Tha, Ke P.C.O Se Phone Karo Ge To Paise Kam Lagenge.

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13 May 2022 9 Comments 3,159

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