Target Poora Karne Ki Tension Har Kisi Ko Hai

Ek Budhiya Mar Kar Yamraj Ke Paas Pahunchi Aur Rote Hue Puchha.

Budhi: “Yamraj Ji, Mujhe Waqt Se Pahle Hi Kyun Utha Liya?

Yamraj: “Budiya, Dimaag Mat Chaat, March Mein Closing Thi Target Poora Karna Tha

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26 Mar 2020 1 Comment 6,388

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Yamraj K Pas Pahunch Kr Budhiya Boli- Yamraj Ji, Muje Wqt Se Pahle Q Utha Liya? Yamraj- Budiya, Dimag Mat Chat, March Me Closing Thi Target Pura Krna Tha.

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