That’s Why Bob Took The Money

Bob Walked Into A Bar Around 9:58 Pm

He Sat Down Next To A Blonde At The Bar And Stared Up At The Tv Just As The 10:00 Pm News Was Coming On.

The News Crew Was Covering A Story About A Man Preparing To Jump Off The Ledge Of A Building.

The Blonde Looked At Bob And Said: “Do You Think He’ll Jump?”

Bob To The Blonde: “You Know, I Bet He’ll Jump.”

The Blonde: “Well, I Bet He Won’t.”

Bob Placed 20 Bucks On The Table And Said: “You’re On!”

The Blonde Also Placed Her Money On The Bar, Suddenly The Guy On The Ledge Did A Swan Dive Off The Building, Falling To His Death.

The Blonde Was Very Upset, But Willingly Handed Her 20 Bucks To Bob Saying: “Fair’s Fair, Here’s Your Money.”

Bob: ” Look Ma’am I Can’t Take Your Money. I Saw This Earlier On The 5 Pm News So I Already Knew He Would Jump.”

The Blonde: “I Saw It Too, But I Never Thought He’d Do It Again.

Bob Took The Money.

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