Tu Kabhi Sudhar Hi Nahi Sakta

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Tu Kabhi Nahi Sudhar Sakta

Tu Kutta Tha

Tu Kutta Hai

Or Hamesha Kutta Hi Rahega

Teri Soch Kutte Jaisi Hai

Teri Aane Wali Har Nasal Kutti Paida Hogi
Aur Ye Keh Kar Kutiya Kutte Se Ladh Kar Chalti Bani.

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24 May 2020 1 Comment 5,334

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Tu Kuta Tha, Tu Kuta Hai Or Kuta Hi Rhega, Teri Soch Kute Jesi He Teri Ane Wali Har Nasal Kuti Hogi . . . . . . . Or Ye Keh Kr Kutiya Kute Se Ruth K Chli Gyi

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