Aaj To Pitaji Gaye

Ek Baccha Bhaaga-Bhaaga Police Satation Gaya Aur Bola.

Baccha: “Inspector Sahab, Inspector Sahab, Jaldi Chaliye Ek Chor Ek Ghante Se Mere Pitaji Ko Peet Raha Hai.”

Inspector Bola: “Ek Ghante Se Peet Raha Hai? To Itni Der Se Tum Tamasha Dekh Rahe The.”

Baccha: “Nahi-Nahi, Iss Se Pehle Pitaji Chor Ko Peet Rahe The.

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18 Jun 2021 8 Comments 6,857

SMS Version

Bacha2Inspector- Jldi Chliye 1chor 1gante Se Mere Pitaji Ko Pit Rha H. Inspectr- 1gnte Se Tmasha Dekh Rhe The. Bcha- Nhi Is Se Pahle Pitaji Chor Ko Pit Rhe The

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