26 Jul 2021 - A Boy Throws A Love Letter To A Girl But It Falls On Her Brother And Her Brother Agrees.
26 Jul 2021 - Daughter: "Sorry Dad, I Got Married Yesterday, I Forgot To Inform You" Dad: "Its Ok My Child, But Don't Forget To Invite Next Time"
23 Jul 2021 - A Sardar (Santa), A German And A Pakistani Got Arrested Consuming Alcohol Which Is A Severe Offense In Saudi Arabia So For The Terrible Crime They
23 Jul 2021 - Girlfriend And Boyfriend Chatting On Facebook. Girlfriend: "Please Stay Up, Just A Little Longer? I Really Want To Talk To You" Boyfriend: "No,
21 Jul 2021 - American Movies Teach Us: 1. Chinese Have Nothing Better To Do Than Teaching Or Practice Kung Fu. 2. More Than 50% Of U.S. Population Are F.B.I/c.
21 Jul 2021 - Girls Only Know Two Thing Perfectly, 1. Make Up. . . . . . . . . . . 2. Break Up.
21 Jul 2021 - All Girls Are Beautiful After The Light Are Switched Off........... By Shakespeare. All Boys Are Innocent Before The Light Are Switched Off........
20 Jul 2021 - Will Be Ready In 5 Minutes Said By A Girl And Will Call U Back In 5 Minutes Said By A Boy Are The Same
18 Jul 2021 - I Was In The Restaurant Yesterday When I Suddenly Realized, I Desperately Needed To Pass Gas. The Music Was Really, Really Loud, So I I Timed My
18 Jul 2021 - Girl Is Going Into The Operation Theater For Her Heart Surgery. She Holds Her Boyfriend's Hand Tight & Said, Girl: "I am Having Heart Surger