Facebook Roti Nahi De Sakti?

Baap Apne Bete Ko Samjhate Hue,

Baap: “Beta Chhod De Ye Facebook, Ye Tujhe Roti Nahi Dene Wali.”

Beta Muskura Ke Apne Baap Ko En Aankh Marte Hue Bola

“Just Chill Dad, Mana Ki Facebook Mujhe Roti Nahi Degi, Lekin Roti Banane Wali To Yahin Se Aayegi.”

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07 May 2021 19 Comments 2,207

SMS Version

Bap- Beta Chod De Ye Facebuk, Ye Tujhe Roti Nhi Dene Wali. Kmina Beta- Ha Papa, Mana Ki Facebuk Muje Roti Nhi Degi, Lekin Roti Banane Wali To Yahin Se Ayegi

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