Proud To Be A Punjabi

A Punjabi Boy Wrote An Essay About Punjabi’s

Syaapa Is A One Word Definition Of Any Disaster For Punjabi’s.

Punjabi’s Natural Response To Any Question Is “Ainve Ee”.

Tastiest Meal On Earth Is Langar.

The One Thing That Brings A Smile On Every Punjabi Face Is Rajma Chawal.

Punjabi Fitness Mantra – Eat Before You Can Think.

The Only Language Where The Word “Whore” Isn’t Offensive “Whore Kiddan?

Being “Loud” Is Our Birth Right, And We Shall Have It.

Its Never “Haaan” Its Always “Hanji“.

You Know Its Gonna Be A Fun Conversation When Your Uncle Starts Off With “Pencho Tennu Pata Hai Ki Hoya?

There’s Always That One Uncle Who Will Dance With A Glass On His Head After A Few Pegs At Every Party.

You Can Take A Punjabi Out Of Punjab, But You Can’t Take Punjab Out Of A Punjabi.

We Have Solutions To All Your Problems, Just Bring Them With A Botal.

Our Families Are So Loud When They’re Happy, People Think We’re Fighting.

The 5 P’s Of Punjabiness – Parantha, Pencho, Paisa, Peg And Party.

We Specialize In The Art Of Earning Rs 1 And Spending Rs 1.5.

Yaar Kal To Dieting Shuru” Things We Say Everyday.

If There’s A Fight, There Is A Punjabi Involved.

If You Talk About Food More Than Business In Office , Then You Are Definitely A Punjabi

To Err Is Human To Burrrrraaaah Is Punjabi.

Punjabi After 6 Pegs “Bus Duja Hai Veere

Like If You Are A Punjabi Or Love A Punjabi <3

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